Camo Snake
Approximately 4 1/2" around x 29" long.
Size really doesn't matter.Just use a hook size to get a tight stitch so the stuffing doesn't show.
You'll Need:
RedHeart SuperSaver yarn,2.5 oz.Camoflage,"G" hook,fiberfill,            Black sport-weight yarn,"0" steel hook,Two 1/2" amber 2-hole buttons
inc=2 sc in next st   
dec=pull up a loop in next 2 sts,yo,draw through all loops on hook.

To Make:
With black sport-weight yarn and "0" steel hook,Ch 15,sl st in second ch from hook and in next ch.Ch 3,sl st in second ch from hoo and in next ch.Sl st in remaining 12 chs.Leave a long tail for sewing tongue to mouth.

With Camo yarn and "G" hook,starting at the head,ch 2.
Rnd 1:6 sc in second ch from hook(6 sc).
Rnd 2:Work 2 sc in each st around(12 sc).
Rnd 3:Sc in next sc,inc around(18 sc).
Rnd 4:Sc in each st around.
Pull long tails of tongue through ch-2 sp on rnd 1.Turn head inside out.Sew tongue securely to inside of head.
Rnd 5:Sc in next 2 st,inc around(24 sc).
Rnd 6-10:Rep rnd 4.
Using black sport yarn,sew eyes securely to top of head over rnd 9.
Rnd 11:Sc in next 2 sts,dec around(18 sc).
Stuff head firmly.Stuff the rest of the body as you go.
Rnd 12-112:Rep rnd 4.
Rnd 113:Sc in next 4 st,dec around(15 sc).
Rnd 114:Rep rnd 4.
Rnd 115:Sc in next 3 sts,dec(12 sc).
Rnd 116:Rep rnd 4.
Rnd 117:Sc in next 2 st,dec(9 sc).
Rnd 118:Rep rnd 4.
Rnd 119:Sc in next st,dec around(6 sc).
Rnd 120:Rep rnd 4.
Rnd 121:Dec 3 times.Finish off.
Note:For a less "Scary" snake,use any varigated yarn or yarn scraps.
Design2002 by Catherine Lindsay
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