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Armenia - This will be their second time taking part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. They came second in 2007. They were just one point away from winning with their entry ‘Erazang’ (A Dream). Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan will make their debut in this year’s Junior Eurovision. Belarus - Belarus was last year’s winners with their entry S Druzyami (With Friends sung by Alexey Zhigalkovich. Belgium - The Belgians have taken part in Junior 4 times. Their best result was 6th position in 2003. Bosnia - Bulgaria - Bulgaria took part in Junior for the first time last year. They came 7th with their song ‘Land of Candies’ sung by the group Bon-bon. Cyprus - Cyprus has entered JESC since it began in 2003 and they are this year’s host country. They has come 8th twice, and 14th place twice. This year’s entry is called ‘Whoopee Yia’. Georgia - Georgia participated in the JESC last year. Their application to take part was declined at first, but Bosnia & Herzegovina’s withdrawal created a space in the competition. They came fourth with their entry ‘Odelia Ranuni’ sung by Mari Romelashvili. Greece - Greece has also been taking part in the JESC since 2003. Their first entry was sung by Nicolas Ganopoulos, and he is the youngest JESC performer to date at just 8 years old. Lithuania - This will be Lithuania’s second time taking part in the JESC. They came 13th in 2007 with their song ‘When the town is asleep’. FYR Macedonia - FYR Macedonia has participated in every JESC since the competition began. They came fifth 2007. Malta - Malta has taken part in every JESC. Their best result was 7th place in 2003. Netherlands - The Netherlands hosted the show last year, and have taken part in every contest. Their best result was 7th position in 2005. Romania - Romania has participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest since its beginning. They were the host in 2006. Russia - Russia won the JESC in 2006, with a song sung by the Tolmachevy Twins. They received the second highest number of points in the history of contest. Serbia - Serbia took part in the JESC in 2006 for the first time as an independent country. They took 3rd place is last years contest. Ukraine - The Ukraine has taken part in the contest for the last two years. They have been chosen to host the 2009 JESC, which will take place in Kyiv.