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Daylight Robbery

Daylight Robbery

UK motorists often find themselves with empty pockets as a result of soaring petrol prices, but have you ever asked yourself how much you are actually losing out on and more importantly how much Capitalism makes out of your hard earned cash?

article thumbnailHow to deal with the Fitan

  The current situation of the Muslim Ummah is one of difficulty; maybe these are the most difficult days the Ummah has ever...
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article thumbnailYour children are not safe under the Education System!

                              The youth of this generation are the...
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article thumbnailIslam Channel

There is no doubt that ever since the advent of Islam, this Deen (way of life) has faced severe attacks by the Kaafir crusaders...
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article thumbnailThere are no Mosques in the UK!

The mosque has a vital and key role in Islaam. Its duty is to educate the Muslims, provide a safe haven for the ones striving in...
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