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i2 Inc. is the leading worldwide provider of investigative analysis and visualization software for law enforcement, government, military, intelligence and commercial organizations.
i2 Inc. began as a subsidiary of the i2 Group, an international corporation established in 1990. The company was privately-held and profitable since its inception. In January 2005, i2 Inc. was acquired by ChoicePoint.
i2 Inc. delivers a comprehensive suite of products which enables organizations to graphically visualize and analyze large amounts of information for highly-detailed investigations. All of these products work in concert to provide an integrated, powerful environment to manage, visualize, and analyze large volumes of investigative and intelligence data. These include:
Analyst's Notebook Analyst's Notebook, the world's leading visual investigative analysis software, is used by more than 2,000 organizations worldwide. It allows analysts to uncover, interpret, and display complex information about seemingly unrelated persons, places and events in an easily-understood graphical form.
iBase iBase is a high-performance investigative database that enables customers to rationalize and collate data from a diverse range of sources into a single coherent structure for analysis.
iBridge iBridge is a connectivity tool that gives analysts real-time access to the most current information in their databases. iBridge provides a live read-only connection from a database to Analyst's Notebook.
PatternTracer PatternTracer is a fast and effective solution for finding patterns in telephone toll records.
TextChart TextChart is user-guided text extraction and visualization software that enables users to derive more value from unstructured text.
ChartExplorer ChartExplorer is a unique application that enables users to discover, explore and reuse valuable intelligence contained in Analyst's Notebook files and other documents across an organization.
Analyst's Workstation Analyst's Workstation is a complete solution for volume incident data analysis that supports incident mapping, statistical analysis, investigative analysis and reporting.
iXv iXv enables organizations to add web-based visualization to their existing data sources so that users can more efficiently and effectively process information.
iXa iXa is a secure Web Services communication solution that provides Analyst's Notebook users with single sign-on/single-query connectivity to all structured data sources, regardless of their physical location.
i2 Inc. helps customers solve their investigative and analytical challenges and achieve maximum value from their i2 investment through a comprehensive professional services offering, including education, consulting, and customer support.
More than 2,000 organizations around the world rely on i2's award-winning suite of analysis software and services for investigations and intelligence gathering initiatives.
i2 works with top systems integrators, consulting firms and software companies to deliver custom applications for our customers.
Todd Drake, General Manager
With headquarters in McLean, Virginia; regional offices in California and Canada; and distributors in Latin America, i2 Inc. addresses the needs of customers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.
Address: i2 Inc.
1430 Spring Hill Road, Suite 600
McLean, VA 22102
Phone: 703-921-0195