The Friendliest Fowl on Sesame Street

You could probably guess by his name that Big Bird is big. How big? He's 8 feet, 2 inches tall! Wow! He should play basketball! Big Bird is a very curious creature who makes friends easily. He is six years old and shares his nest with Radar, his teddy bear.

Birthday: March 20

Favorite Song: "The Alphabet"

Best Friend: Snuffleupagus

Quote: "Gee Mr. Looper! I mean Cooper! I mean Hooper!"

Likes: Figuring things out; being a part of everything; roller-skating; birdseed milkshakes from Mr. Hooper's store

Dislikes: When he can't help; when nobody believes his best friend exists; chicken soup

Text adapted from Sesame Street Unpaved: The Scripts, Stories, Secrets, and Songs (Hyperion) with permission of Sesame Workshop.