Band Track

Band track provides a lightweight continuous track alternative that smoothly travels around suspension elements with minimal vibration input to the hull and the ground.  Band track is constructed of high-performance rubber molded around steel cables that give the track the required tensile strength.  The rubber is molded in such a way that the ground contact pads, road wheel running surface, internally reinforced center guides and sprocket drive lugs are integral.


Comments about Band Track

  • Weight--Greater than 50% reduction compared to T-130 Steel Track

  • Durability--6000+ Miles

  • Noise--Reduced by 12.5 dB interior

  • Vibration--Reduced by 30%

  • Maintenance--Minimal to negligible.  There is no periodic replacement of pads, no tightening of pin fastener, no blocks to replace

  • Road Damage--Negligible, no metallic components to contact road

  • Road Wheel Life--Improved, contiguous running surfaces/non-metallic guides

  • Low mass and inertia--Improved acceleration, improved braking

  • Rolling Resistance--17% to 35% less thanT-130 on hard surface

  • Aggressiveness--comparable to steel track; better in mud, snow, and ice

  • 25% reduction on O & S cost compared to steel track

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