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Usagi Kou: Scott's Testimonial


I met her in january. I was introduced to her by a mutual acquaintance, and we had started talking on the phone. She seemed nice enough, so I asked if I could come visit her that weekend. She agreed, and I spent 2 nights at her place. I later found out she was staying at a friend's place that she barely paid rent for.

For a while everything was good. I loved her and she seemed genuinely nice.

Then Katsucon 2004 comes around and it's Valentine's day weekend. After hearing what she had supposedly been through in the past, I felt sorry for her, so the evening of Valentine's day I bought her some jewelry from the gift shop of the hotel because that's all there was around and that's all I could afford at the time. It matched her Serenity costume. I surprised her with it, and not ONCE did I even get a thank you for it.

That entire weekend was horrible because all she could do was tell me I wasn't good enough whenever I made a "mistake" around her. If I said "hi" to any other girl, if I didn't stay on her heels the entire time and things like that. I was basically her slave and if I didn't perform, I was put down.

So that continued for a while. Whenever she didn't get what she wanted out of me, she got upset at me. That's something that never stopped happening while we were together.

After we got back from the con, she got sick and ended up staying an extra week before I took her back home. I took care of her that entire week while she was in my dorm room. I bought her medicine, slept on the floor, brought her food, let her sleep, and never got a thank you for that either.

So things eventually get to the point where she moves back in with her parents. From what she's told me, that household never really was stable, and I believed her. I'd never been there, so how could I question it?

So while she was at home, all she could talk about was how batshit insane her mother was and that things hadn't gotten any better from when she was kicked out of the house. So, being sympathetic like I am, I said if you absolutely have to get away from that house, let me know and you can go and stay at my place with my parents until you can get yourself back on your feet. Little did I know that in her mind she took that as an open invitation to just move on in indefinitely.

From what I heard, she cooked up another scheme to get me to believe she was being kicked out AGAIN, and that she needed to get to my place. That morning I called my mom and told her she needed to pick up Lori at Penn Station NYC with her cat. Mom basically dropped everything SHE was doing so she could.

We got her settled in and relaxed, and assured her that things would be ok eventually. After her staying here for a few weeks, she began demanding that I come home from school practically every weekend just to see her. School is a 3 hour drive away from home.

Not fun.

But what choice did I have? If I didn't, she would throw a tantrum and I didn't want my parents to have to deal with that. I gave in to most everything she did so my parents wouldn't have to put up with her attitudes. At this point, they're getting mad at ME because I need to be at school to get my work done. I silently was agreeing with them, but if I didn't do what she wanted, I knew there'd be nasty consequences

Eventually, the school year ended and I was at home for the summer. I resumed my job at a garage door business that I held the year before, and I was making substantial amounts of money each week. She knew this, knew how much I was making, and decided that since we were together, I should be spending most if not all of my money on her and anything she wanted to do.

Over 300 dollars a week...gone, by the end of the week. It was always something; jewelry, movies, out to eat, out for dessert, any other sort of thing she wanted, trips to the city, trips to a friend's place...

She never bothered getting a car or a license... or even a job, but we made her get a job eventually. However she only requested part time, and quit after three months. During that time though, she was forced to take a NJ transit bus to work because both myself and my parents were working full time and we couldn't take her.

However there were at least 3 times where she missed the bus (sometimes I wonder if it was on purpose) and she would call me to tell me, and I would in turn have to call one of my parents who would be in the middle of driving to work to turn around, drive back home, pick her up, drop her off at her job(which was WAY out of the way for either of my parents), and then start driving back to work.

Dad blew up at ME the last time it happened. He can be a very patient man, but he was losing it. As was my mom and myself at this point.

By now, it's beginning to be the end of the summer and Otakon is approaching she decides she wants a moonstone ring for her Princess Serenity costume. I figured fine, we're both cosplayers, I understand she wants to be elaborate and accurate as possible. So we go to a little jewelry place that's near some outlet stores.

After looking for almost an hour, she decides on one and I pay for it then it turns out it needs to be re-sized because it's too big. (And I just found out TODAY that the re-sizing fee actually DOUBLED the total price.) So we go to pick it up a coule days later.

As soon as we get into the car, the first words out of her mouth are "So this is an engagement ring, right???" At this point in the relationship I was agreeing with her just to keep her quiet and happy. So I had to find the right words that kept her happy but didn't dig myself any deeper into staying with her, and of course, when she didn't hear a simple yes she got upset and depressed.

Why? because she didn't get what she wanted

I put up with this type of bullshit continuously, and at Otakon it just exploded. She wanted me to fuck her brains out one night so she kicked everyone out. She then said that she wanted it to be a quickie so they wouldn't be forced to wait long. I said "look, if I'm going to do anything like that with you, I want to take my time doing it and not just do it rough and quick like some 20 dollar whore," because I thought better of her so she gets all butt hurt that I won't give in again, and I try to explain the meaning behind what I said, and it escalates to the point where she basically said "fuck your entire family".

I'm sorry, but my family comes FIRST. ABOVE all else.

So I just glared at her, got up and headed out then she called me back to give me the stupid ring back. I took it, seeing as how she acted like she didn't want it any more, and then left.

I found everyone else and we headed out of the hotel. I didn't say anything, I was too pissed and I didn't stay with everyone else the rest of that night.

I distanced myself because I didn't want them to be affected by it. So eventually one of them finds me in the middle of downtown Baltimore and we start talking about what she did. We continued walking over to the harbor talking about it, and we both share experiences like this that we've both had, and at this point, I cared so little about my own well being that I was standing on the edge of the sidewalk looking into the water and almost let myself fall face first into it. My friend had to grab my shirt and pull me back from the edge because he saw what was happening

So eventually I felt like going back to the hotel room, and at this point it's already 3 in the morning or so. All this started around 11 or midnight. So we went back and found a couple members of the group from earlier in the hallway, and I learned that the others were let in by Lori so she could bitch and moan to them about what I had done.

So I start telling everything I told my friend to the others there in the hallway. They listened and agreed with what I was saying, and I felt like I had more people on my side. So I felt somewhat better

So, the time came for me to return to school. While I'm at school, I had my own bedroom in a sort of apartment type set up. She knew this, so she took full advantage of it. She took every opportunity she could to come and see me for as long as she wanted and each time it was longer than the college allowed... 2 weeks or so. They barely allow ONE week.

So if I had been found out, I could've been permanently expelled, but it didn't matter to her.

Now, unfortunately, an instance occured that I'm not too proud of. I began conversing with another girl that made me feel so much better about myself, like I was an actual human being and not some sort of trophy and I let my emotions for her take control of my rational thinking, and I eventually went to visit her for a weekend and cheated on Lori. I never had intercourse with that girl, but we did hook up frequently. I've never thought highly of myself at all after that point.

On my way home, Lori calls me and starts talking as though someone's informed her of what I'd done. I panicked of course, and lied and said it never happened. Which made me feel even worse, but I was SCARED of Lori. Scared of what she could do to me mentally, turn all my friends against me, make my parents's lives a living hell. She was quite capable of this.

So things seemed to blow over for a while, then one night she calls me to tell me she found out someone had pictures. Which amazed me seeing as how anyone that we were around never had a camera on them. So I rush home to try and explain myself.

After that things once again seemed to cool down, but she never let me forget what I had done. She couldn't move on with things even a little bit.

So Christmas comes, and what a nightmare that turned out to be. We always go to a Christmas eve service, and I told her that, but as soon as I was getting ready to leave, she did what she always does and pushed my buttons, played with my emotions to try and get me to stay home from church probably because she wanted me alone so we could have sex, and when I refused to stay home, she once again put herself in a funk and refused to do anything...not even talk to me.

The next day, we're opening presents and my parents had bought her NUMEROUS items. (They felt sorry for her because she always said that her family never really celebrated any holidays. So we wanted to change that for her.) Mom bought her a RIDICULOUS nail manicure set and the only thank you that she got for it was because I whispered in Lori's ear for her to say it.

So from December to January was spent trying to figure out where she was going to move to. Once we had decided, we packed all her stuff up and drove her out there. This was Michi and Ruka's place. (I'm sure you've heard all about that.)

Well, during March, I came and visited them once or twice, and during that time Lori was living there. Our break up was a really nasty one that involved me calling the cops on her at their place because on the phone it sounded like she was going to cut herself and about a week after that she came to my room to get her stuff and ended up staying 5 hours trying to get me to take her back, which was all a lie.

She never meant anything she said that night but she was crying her eyes out and throwing herself at me, which made me want to vomit but I ignored all of it. A few times she tried throwing herself on my lap and kissing me as hard as she could, to which I responded by grabbing her and throwing her to the floor. I was losing control, very badly.

No one has ever brought out my dark side, except for her.

All of that break up stuff happened in the middle of January. She even made a trip with Michi and Ruka and was able to get into my room and STOLE some of my property... namely my game boy advance sp and one of my shirts. If it hadn't been for Michi and Ruka being there, she would've taken my laptop as well.

So, moving back on to March...

I visited a couple times. Lori was there and each time I was there, she'd wait until everyone was in bed and then she'd come up to me and whine and beg and plead for us to spend the night as though things were like they used to be... meaning she wanted sex again.

Now, mind you, it's the middle of the night. I'm tired, and it's a 3 hour drive back to school from their place. It had snowed, and they live up in the mountains. I had a choice of giving in or getting in my car and probably not making it back to school alive. So unfortunately I gave in.

From what I heard later, this was actually a plot of hers to try and either get me back or ruin my life because I believe it was Ruka that told her she needed to stop acting that way, to which she responded "Oh Ruka, don't try and ruin all my fun!"

I caught wind of this and said I'd never go back there and then a month later in April was when Michi and Ruka came out with everything they had to say and ender as well.

Now, as for the latest drama with the ring...

Now that you know the story behind the ring, I think you can understand she's full of shit when she says I STOLE it from her, when actually I took it back from Michi and Ruka when they found it laying around after she left for San Diego. I was the one who paid for it. I even got the transaction records for it today as proof and you know what? She's Wrong. It was 60. And now she's claiming it's HER ring and that I'M twisting the truth when I made that public post last night in my journal.

She called me one night during this past fall while we were on somewhat good terms. She was talking to me like everything was ok between us, and I was responding just as well I guess, she didn't seem like she had anything against me.

So I find out that she's actually working me to the point where she ended up trying to get me to take her back. AGAIN. It started off with "So how can I put this in words that won't freak you out.." I knew right then what she was going to say and then she said it.

"Have you ever had any thoughts of getting back together with ME?" And before that, she proceeds to butter me up by saying she's always thought highly of me no matter what, there's just something about me that all her other relationships never had, etc. etc., blah blah

So as soon as she asked that question, I hung up on her and proceeded to remember EVERYTHING she put me, my family and my friends through, and ended up in hysterics for about 2 hours. The fact that she would want to put me through that all over again was too much for me and I felt helpless because I'd never be able to get her out of my life.

After we had split, I find out from a NUMBER of sources that she actually in fact HAD cheated on me after sooooooo many claims she hadn't, and she had done it only a month into our relationship... even before Katsucon 04.