Love in Little India

GENRE : Comedy
Director: Amit Gupta
Producers: Julian Alcantara Alex O'Neal 
Cast: Parminder Nagra, Dominic Cooper, Naveen Andrews
Delivery Status:  Pre -production
Country of Origin: UK
Budget:  $4m

A fantastical comedy about pursuing your dreams – howerer crazy or outlandish!

Johnny is a twenty-something white kid from Leicester . Stumbling home after a disastrous blind date, he inadvertently walks into the Hero Cinema in the City's ‘Little India' and watches the epic romance ‘Love in Mumbai'.

The film's beautiful heroine, Sweety, starts talking to him from the screen – and Johnny falls head over heels in love. The next day, feeling understandably crazy, Johnny returns to the cinema – only for exactly the same thing to happen.

As the lights come up and a confused Johnny ponders what to do next, Manjit, the cinema's eccentric projectionist and resident wannabe movie director, appears. Intrigued by this ‘white boy come over to the dark-side', and having seen his ‘conversation' with Sweety, Manjit decides to take Johnny out to the local bar.

As the two guys get more and more drunk, Manjit tells Johnny of his own love for the seemingly unattainable Rani, as well as his dreams of becoming a movie director. He tells Johnny that his only chance of meeting and winning Sweety's heart is by becoming a Bollywood movie star – because actresses only go out with actors'.

Just as he is explaining that this is never likely to happen, since Johnny is quite clearly a ‘white guy'… Manjit's mind is suddenly changed when Johnny spontaneously performs a perfect Bollywood ‘well manic stare' – the cornerstone of any great villainous performance.

Manjit, convinced of Johnny's amazing talent, now sees a golden opportunity for both of them and decides not only to train Johnny, but also to make him the star of his no-budget film, Smuggler No.1, thereby unleashing a comic chain of events, as the two guys turn their lives upside down in the hope of winning over the girls of their dreams and achieving LOVE IN LITTLE INDIA.

Unashamedly romantic, magical, visually adventurous, comic and colorful. Set in present day England and Film City , Mumbai, the film pays stylistic tribute to 1970's Bollywood – a period loved by Indian cinema-goers everywhere, as well as being instantly recognizable by Western audiences. With its missing frames, inconsistent continuity, and saturated colour, excessive use of camera zooms and outlandish costumes, it is the joy, nostalgia and sheer energy that LOVE IN LITTLE INDIA will celebrate.

Audiences who enjoyed Tarantino's 70s stylized kung fu cinema in Kill Bill, or rhte magical worlds created by Baz Luhrmann will fall for the dramatic, stylistic and comic adventure that is LOVE IN LITTLE INDIA.


Dicing With Life

What would you do to stay alive?

GENRE : Thriller
Director: Stuart Urban
Producers: Alan Jay, Christopher Coy
Cast: John Hurt, Ashley Walters, Virginie Ledoyen
Country of Origin: UK
Budget:  $8m

A Cyclops Vision / Buskin Films / Perfect Features production

Adam is a champion, an Olympic athlete, living the dream, with the world at his feet.
Then the dream becomes a nightmare.
Cancer. Invasive, agonising and terminal, something that happens to other people, Adam's once golden future is being ripped from him.
Or is it?

A government funded research laboratory offers him one more chance at life. By introducing genetically modified viruses into his body, they think they might be able to cure the cancer.
They don't, however, let on exactly which branch of Government is funding their activities. This branch concerns itself solely with combating a different kind of life threatening disease - terrorism - and without his knowledge, Adam is made the cure to that disease, the most deadly walking biological weapon imaginable.
When you might destroy everything, how do you fight for life itself?


Nine Dead

Producer: Paula Hart
Director & Cast: TBC

Over a three-day period a masked gunman kidnaps nine strangers in nine separate attacks. The LAPD is left powerless as the gunman takes who ever he needs without leaving clues, ransom demands or bodies behind. The city-wide mystery unravels when the LAPD receive a call from the local news station telling them the website shows the nine kidnap victims handcuffed to poles in an undisclosed location. The kidnapper enters the room and says, “I have brought the nine of you here for a reason. Your survival depends on you discovering what the reason is. I will leave you alone for your discussion but I will return every 10 minutes and kill one of you until you figure it out or you will all die. You have ten minutes.”

And with that, the hunt is set in motion: the hunt for the truth that the nine need in order to survive and the hunt by the LAPD to find the secret location and stop the cold-blooded killer hell bent on revenge. All while the whole country tunes in on-line.

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GENRE: Comedy
Producers: Sarah Boote, Simon Barnes
Deliver Status: Pre-production
Country of Origin: UK
Budget: $5m

John’s a gambler. In fact, everyone he knows is a gambler. His wife Helen, her father, Freddie and even his eight year old daughter, Polly. John’s life is a sequence of highs and lows. He wins some, he loses some. Things keep ticking over as normal until he goes to the dogs one night and bets with a new bookie. Stan’s different, he’s not another crumpled old suit but young and charismatic. John takes a chance with Stan and ends up wining a small fortune. The only problem is now he’s hooked.
Stan always offers the best odds but after his big win, John can’t catch another break. And it’s not just John that’s caught bad luck but his friends Adrian and Wagner. Stan quickly takes them for every penny they’ve got until they’re all completely broke. Then he throws them a lifeline. Instead of just betting on the dogs why don’t they try something different? Betting on themselves. It has to be kept a secret and it has to be for more money each time but Stan’s willing to pay them for putting their own lives in jeopardy and their relationships on the line. All they have to do is lie about where the money’s coming from and jump through Stan’s hoops. Helen’s Dad, Freddie, warns John he’s playing with fire but he doesn’t listen.
John knows the bets mean lying to his wife but he thinks he can get away with it. John actually believes Stan is his friend and after he starts winning again he hopes the money will compensate for the way that Stan has come between him and his wife. But then Adrian dies, the bets get harder and darker, Helen starts to suspect something’s up and John gets the feeling that there’s more to Stan than meets the eye….