Digging for Quetzalcoatl's Christian Roots

  Table of Contents


A Matter of Evidences

The Sources of the Quetzalcoatl Legend

Distortion by Interpretation

Distortion by Selection

An Element Analysis of the Christian Elements

Quetzalcoatl's Non-Native Clothing

Quetzalcoatl's Virgin Birth

Quetzalcoatl's Preaching of the One God

Quetzalcoatl's Benevolent Religion

The Bearded Quetzalcoatl

Quetzalcoatl as a White Man

Quetzalcoatl and the Myth of the Return

Reconstructing a Pre-Columbian Quetzalcoatl

Mormon Apologetics and the Quetzalcoatl Question

Methodological Issues: Use of Secondary Sources

Metholdological Issues: Use of Primary Sources

Methodological Issues: The Correspondence List as Evidence

The Apologetic Response the Quetzalcoatl Scholarship

      by Brant Gardner. Copyright 1998