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Featured Article

MP3 Todays Technology

MP3, also known as MPEG Audio Layer 3 and ISO/IEC 11172-3 Layer 3", is one of the most famous digital audio formats which uses compression technology. It was created to condense the usual audio file size. In fact, it can reduce an audio CD by 10 without affecting the quality of the sound. This process is colloquially called as the ripping.

The advent of MP3 started in the 1980s. It was created by Germany's Fraunhofer Society Institute. During that time, the method used in compressing was by eliminating some sound frequencies and psychoacoustics. Soon after in the 1990s, MP3's practicality made it possible to be downloaded in the internet with the use of an analog-based modem. For that period, the standard internet transfer or file sharing time for a 4 MB MP3 is around 15 minutes. This is equivalent to 30 seconds if we were to use broadband speed. Fraunhofer Society Institute then publicly sold the first ever MP3 encoder, the l3enc, in July 7, 1994. Almost immediately after, Winplay3 then debuted as the first mp3 realtime software player in September 9, 1995. Mp3's predecessors are MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2 or MP2 (established in October 1993), Musicam, and ASPEC (Adaptive Spectral Perceptual Entropy Coding). In fact, the later two systems were incorporated to form the present-day MP3. In relation, MP4 is currently being processed as the initial successor of the MP3.

MP3's compatible encoders include the LAME (developed in 1998 by Mike), Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, ISO dist10 reference code, Xing, BladeEnc, and the ACM Producer Pro. However, the last four encoders are now considered as obsoletes.

Ogg Vorbis, MPC, mp3PRO, AC-3, ATRAC, MPEG-4 AAC, Windows Media Audio (WMA), QDesign, AMR-WB+, RealAudio, and Speex are MP3's most common audio codecs.

Some of the world's top online music stores include Napster, eMusic, iTunes, Wal-Mart, MusicRebellion, RealPlayer, Buymusic, Rhapsody, Sony Connect, and Musicmatch.

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