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In what will be a first for Cape Town and South Africa, the annual conference of the Islamic think tank, The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), will convene for its annual conference in the Mother City. The conference will take place between 20 – 26 January 2008.


The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) was established in 1981 in Pennsylvania as a private, non-profit, academic and cultural institution dedicated to promoting research, publications and conferences related to Islamic thought and contemporary social sciences.


The delegation will be hosted in South Africa by the Office of Ebrahim Jadwat (a long standing associate of the IIIT), Awqaf South Africa and the Muslim Students’ Association of the Cape.


As a platform for the Islamization of Knowledge paradigm, the Institute has become a forum through which Muslim scholars have rekindled an ongoing debate on Islamic intellectual endeavour and thought.


The Institute is committed to the development of Islamic scholarship in contemporary social sciences and humanities and is dedicated to the revival and reform of Islamic thought. Its methodology is to help Muslims deal effectively with modern social challenges and ultimately contribute to the progress of civilization, by giving it a specific meaning and direction derived from Divine guidance.


As part of its strategic objective the IIIT serves as the foremost think tank in the field of Islamic education, culture and knowledge. It is a vehicle through which a comprehensive Islamic vision and methodology, that will help Muslim scholars in their critical analysis of contemporary knowledge, is formulated.


The IIIT board and executive members comprises of the foremost scholars, academics and intellectuals in the Muslim World, including the Leading Islamic Theologian Dr. Yusuf Al-Qardawi, the former Finance Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Anwar Ebrahim, the exiled Iraqi leader Dr. Ahmad Totonjie and the Founder and Rector of the International Islamic University (IIU) in Kuala Lumpur, Professor Dr. Abdul Hamid Ahmad Abu Sulayman, to name a few.


Whilst in South Africa the IIIT members will also be holding meetings with key Muslim Organisations, Academics and Government Officials.


For more information contact:


Mickaeel Collier [Awqaf South Africa]

082 2164269                                                                                                                  


Ebrahim Jadwat

083 2707180


Yusuf Mohamed [MSA of the Cape]

082 5566044


     A project coordinated jointly by the Office of Ebrahim Jadwat, Awqaf SA and the MSA


Africa Islamic Finance Conference....


Click here to view the final programme for the Africa Islamic Finance Conference.


FNB Wesbank Islamic Finance “Outstanding Achievement and Excellence” award  for Awqaf SA.

Awqaf SA, the Muslim humanitarian charitable endowment Fund, is one of five finalists which received the award for  “Outstanding Achievement and Excellence” in the Corporate Social Investment (CSI) category in the “Islamic Finance Business Awards” (a division of Wesbank / First National Bank). The South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF) was the overall winner with the Central Islamic Trust (CIT), Islamic Propagation Centre International (IPCI), and the Hajee A M Lockhat Wakuff  also selected as finalists. Awqaf SA is the youngest of the finalists in the CSI category.  The awards were officially announced and handed over at a function at the Wanderers Club in Johannesburg.    

“We are very happy with the award and the decision of the judges. We congratulate Sanzaf on the outstanding achievement as well as Mustaq Brey (Muslim Businessman of the Year),  Willowton Oil (Muslim Business Entity of the Year)  and all the finalists in the relevant categories.  As Awqaf SA, we are grateful to firstly…  Allah (swt) for all the blessings and baraka that he has bestowed upon us in making the strides that we have made. Our intentions and actions have always been for the pleasure of Allah and we pray that it will always be so in the future”, said  Awqaf SA CEO Zeinoul Abedien Cajee. 

“Awqaf SA is also very grateful to all the volunteers, waqifoon/ donors, our Mutawallees, Management Board,  founders, ulama, families, service providers, the local media, local and international partners, the Muslim NGO sector, and our friends, sympathizers, and community… for all their support and duas for this achievement…we would not have been able to do it without you and without the team. The tribute belongs to you and we dedicate it to you.  We pray that you will continue giving your support and duas.  

As a community, we have many challenges ahead of us – we believe that we need organisations and institutions such as Awqaf SA, and many more to  meet  those challenges. Primarily we need to popularize and develop the Islamic Waqf System that we have inherited from our noble Prophet (saw) and his noble companions, and our ancestors (RA). This system will provide us with the ability and capacity to fund, sustain,  create better efficiencies,  and have the desired impact  through community projects. When individuals and communities are able to own, control, and manage their resources, and also have a shari’ah basis, that is when they become truly empowered. We pray that that day will come inshallah.  

We pledge that we shall always uphold the values and ethics that we are bound by through Allahs guidance. We also pledge to uphold best practices when it comes to good corporate governance.  We shall strive to become the most trustworthy body for the custody and growth of Waqf assets. We shall strive to develop capacity so that we can become self sufficient  and operate at maximum efficiency and effectiveness … to work in the best interest of the Muslim Ummah as well as the poor and needy in the broader community of humanity, and the creation of Allah.  

Thank you and shukran  to  FNB, Wesbank and the Islamic Finance Team.  This initiative is a catalyst for excellence and good corporate governance within the Muslim NGO sector. Your contribution in the CSI sector is not going unnoticed within the community and we wish you well in all your endeavors.”   

Issued by:  Awqaf SA /

Enquiries:  Zeinoul Abedien Cajee 0828768027 / Mickaeel Collier 0822164269

5 November 2007/ 21 Shawwal 1428 ...........................................................................................................................................

Running Islamic Finance in the New Investment Destination – Africa

Dubai, UAE, 8th October 2007: IBC Gulf Conferences will host the Africa Islamic Finance Conference, an initiative to discuss the progress of Islamic Finance in Africa and learn more about Africa as a potential investment destination. The event is scheduled to be held on 30-31 October 2007 at Park Hyatt, Johannesburg, South Africa.


The event will be hosted in association with Michael Gassner Consultancy Ltd. under the support of the Emirates Investment Services. The high level gathering is being organized with the support of the National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (Awqaf SA).


Africa Islamic Finance Conference includes some of the most eminent professionals from across the globe, who will share their thoughts and experiences on Africa as a segment for Islamic Finance.


The conference will primarily focus on topics like Building and Pioneering an Islamic Bank, Investing in Endowed Assets, Islamic Asset Management, Poverty Alleviation and the Role of Islamic Banks, Venture Capital & Private Equity in Africa, Takaful & Retakaful, Pioneering Ethical Asset Management based on Islamic Finance principles, A pan African benchmark for Global Islamic investors, Fiqhi issues regarding investment in shares, Islamic Microfinance and an Interactive scholar session on Understanding sharia issues in the African context.

The conference will run for over 2 days with a pre-conference workshop on Principles and Applications of Islamic Finance led by Michael Saleh Gassner.


For more information about the forum programme and event updates, please visit our website or call Rudinov Vincent, Conference Producer on +971 4 336 9992 , Mobile: +97150 – 1410899,  Fax: +971 4 336 0116 

Released by Awqaf SA   0828768027

 Award for the Lockhat Wakuff from Awqaf SA

The National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (Awqaf SA) awarded a certificate of Recognition to the Hajee Ahmed Mahom

ed Lockhat Wakuff at the Madressah Educators Seminar  organised by the South Coast Madressah Primary School in Durban on 30 April 2007.

Professor Suleman Dangor  read the Citation and presented the plaque on behalf of Awqaf SA. The Citation read as follows:

“Hajee Ahmed Mahomed Lockhat (RA) created the HAJEE AHMED MAHOMED LOCKHAT WAKUFF in 1933 in Durban, South Africa during his life time. The object of the wakuff was “to create a fund for charitable, educational and religious purposes”. 

Despite many difficulties encountered by Hajee Ahmed Mahomed Lockhat in the initial stages of his business, he put his trust in Allah and his retail business expanded so much so that he became one of the most reputable names in England, Europe, America, India and the Far East. With the support and encouragement of his wife Mrs Ayesha Lockhat, who shared the same life philosophy and philanthropism as him, the Hajee Ahmed Mahomed Lockhat Wakuff was created. When he passed away in 1942, Hajee Lockhat was remembered for his charitable deeds, “giving”  nature and humility.

The Hajee Ahmed Mahomed Lockhat Wakuff was a pioneer in the field. Its contribution to the upliftment and development of poor and underprivileged people continues to go on.

The contribution that this fund has made cannot properly be captured in words. Although it began with an amount of £3000, by the time Hajee Lockhat passed away the Trust had assets exceeding £50 000, with incomes of £5 000 to £6000 a year, all this for the distribution among charitable organisations. The Trust has expanded tremendously under the Trusteeship of Mr Y A Lockhat, who during the Apartheid days constructed over twenty schools in the rural areas for African children. One of the very first achievements of the Trust includes the construction of a mosque (now known as the Lockhat Masjid) and Madressah in the Mayville area Durban.

The Hajee Ahmed Mahomed Lockhat Wakuff has contributed to many different projects in different fields. The contribution to education and specifically Arabic/ Islamic education is well documented. The three major educational projects that have materialized through this fund is the Islamic Educational Organisation of South Africa (IEOSA), Crescent Girls High School and the Al-Azhar School of Durban, although the fund continues to contribute to many different schools, mosques and educational projects.  Other contributions of the fund include: maintenance to mosques, salaries of educators of certain affiliate madaris, salaries and housing costs of the Imams of two Mosques, Madressah and Dawah classes at Lockhat Mosque, distribution of food hampers, subsiding of Islamic publications through the IEOSA, provision of bursaries to students and the ongoing building of schools and educational centres for under-privileged children in rural areas.

Today, the legacy of Hajee Ahmed Mahomed Lockhat and his wife Mrs Ayesha Lockhat continues to go on and deserves to be saluted.

The HAJEE AHMED MAHOMED LOCKHAT WAKUFF stands out as a role model for other individuals and families across South Africa to establish Islamic Waqfs for public good and community empowerment.  It has  achieved the distinction of being one of the few community development Waqf  Institutions  or Islamic Charitable Endowments  established by an individual in 1933.

Awqaf SA encourages Muslims both individuals and families across South Africa and from all backgrounds to create and establish Islamic Charitable Endowments or Awqaf not only to further develop Waqf institutions but also to contribute to sustainable community development and poverty eradication.

This Certificate of Recognition is hereby awarded to the HAJEE AHMED MAHOMED LOCKHAT WAKUFF by the NATIONAL AWQAF FOUNDATION OF SOUTH AFRICA (Awqaf SA)  and is accepted on behalf of the HAJEE AHMED MAHOMED LOCKHAT WAKUFF by: Qari Ahmed Yusuf Lockhat at the Madrasah Educators Seminar organised by the South Coast Madressah Primary School.

(The plaque was received by Amina Shaikh, grand daughter of the late Hajee Ahmed Mahomed Lockhat, on behalf of the Lockhat Wakuff) (Pictured)

 Issued by: National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa






Prof Suleman Dangor; Sr Amina Shaikh


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