Times Colonist is 150 years old this year

We have a year's worth of special features and festivities to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Western Canada's oldest daily newspaper.


The birth of a newspaper

The Times Colonist and its predecessor newspapers have been part of life on Vancouver Island from the days of hand-fed presses to the Internet age.


Rivals came and went through the years

The big survivors of Victoria's newspaper trade are the Times and the Colonist, which started in the 19th century and survive in the Times Colonist.


A century and a half of serving Victoria

Our founder, Amor De Cosmos, started the British Colonist in 1858, and that periodical and its descendants -- including the newspaper you are reading today -- have been proud to serve Victoria and Vancouver...


Taking a walk back through the pages of history

This special edition of the Times Colonist includes some of the highlights of 150 years of journalism in Victoria and on Vancouver Island.


Times Colonist

Publisher: Bob McKenzie -- Editor in chief: Lucinda Chodan


Colonist's founder fought British rule

He was born William Alexander Smith in Nova Scotia and became a legend in British Columbia, but he made a name for himself -- quite literally -- when he was in California.


A rough-and-ready colonial outpost

Amor De Cosmos arrived in Victoria in April 1858. It was not a pleasant town. The colonial capital had a resident population of fewer than 500, but a gold strike on the Fraser River had turned the former...


Master printer saw incredible change

New technology has transformed the art of producing a daily newspaper several times since the British Colonist was published for the first time in 1858. Some of the old jobs have disappeared as a result...


Colonist's first press was already ancient

One of Victoria's first newspapers was printed in French.


The men who shaped the city's news

The editors and publishers who picked up the challenge of Amor De Cosmos were a glorious lot. They were devoted to their craft, and worked tirelessly to ensure that their newspapers covered the news. ...


Looking out for the community

The Times Colonist has been a vital part of the community for almost a century and a half.

Front page of special history section.

Section A: Voice of the community for 150 years

Victoria's newspapers have seen a parade of characters, from editors to pressmen

James Douglas

Section B. People: A fascinating variety of faces

James Douglas, royal visitors, Chinese immigrants, Canada's first PM

Reading the news, posted on office windows.

Section C. As we reported: Stories from pages of the day

Origins of Saanich name, hanging that shocked Victoria, visiting Zeballos

Streetcar disaster of 1896

Section D. Events: From the gold rush to the sinking of the Clallam

Streetcar disaster in 1896, lives lost on high seas, gold rush brings settlers

Yates Street in 1920s

Section E. How we lived: Driving, having fun, conflicts

Arrival of horseless carriage, Victoria's castles, Beacon Hill Park, racism darkens news pages

Cast and crew of Death Goes North

Section F. Arts and leisure: Movie-making, portrait-making, storytelling

Painting Trudeau, Rudyard Kipling visits, Robert Service loved our city, getting away to the Gorge





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