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>> Montreal's Jon Tucker premieres his short, Sweat Angels


Montrealer Jon Tucker's latest film, Sweat Angels, is definitely inspired by the people of this fine city. The 18-minute short revolves around the nocturnal adventures of two women who have a close but competitive friendship. A whole lot of partying and sleeping around leads them to question what exactly their ideas of intimacy entail.

"The film is based on two good girlfriends of mine," says Tucker. "I wanted to write about wild, fearless girls and their friendship." Tucker cautions, however, that while some of the dialogue comes from actual overheard conversations, the events in the film are entirely made up ("I don't want to get killed for this interview," he says).

Tucker, a Concordia film school graduate who has been screenwriting for several years, says he originally envisioned Angels as a feature. "But I knew no one was going to give me money for a feature right off the bat. Plus, I decided the film would work better as a short anyway."

Done on an amazingly skimpy shoestring, Tucker reports that the four-day August shoot cost just $700. Post-production, which includes the complicated editing process, cost an additional $3,100. "I called a lot of favours," says Tucker, of his considerable capacity for thriftiness. "And I had a lot of help. The actors all worked for free--which no one had any complaints about. In fact, some people were calling me and asking if they could be in it, because they'd heard the script was funny."

While Sweat Angels sometimes risks becoming a bit confusing (Tucker packs a lot of action into his 18 minutes), his ensemble cast, in particular leads Rachel Harry and Sara Bradeen, is exceptional. Local types will recognize scenesters like Howard Chackowicz and Anthony Seck in supporting roles, as well as one of the principal locales, the Biftek.

Tucker's description of the film really does make it sound like a Montreal weekend (i.e. drunk and slutty): "A girl has a one night stand with a guy," reads the press kit, "and then realizes that she's already had a one night stand with him." The title is derived from the impression people make on their sheets during a night of passion with a lover.

While Tucker--who has just optioned one feature screenplay and is writing another--is nervous about the Montreal premiere of the film, he's been through this before. Last month, Sweat Angels had its world premiere at the New York International Film and Video Festival. "I got really drunk, I was so damn nervous," he recalls. "But the crowd loved it. They got everything, and people were coming up after the film and congratulating me and handing me their cards. It was amazing." :

Sweat Angels screens this Sunday, March 5 at 9pm at Bar Champs (3956 St-Laurent). A one-dollar entrance fee will be charged "to cover booze for the participating actors"


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