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The Race Problem

The Race Problem

Racism has unfortunately touched the lives of many individuals in the UK. From sports, to employment, to education and even the Police force this racial discrimination shows no signs of dissipating. But what are the root causes of racism? Who is really at fault? And more importantly how ...

article thumbnailHow to attain Allah's love

Does Allah accept your deeds, and how can we tell if He does?There is a hadeeth qudsi in Saheeh ul-Bukhaari which explains...
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article thumbnailWho are al-Ghurabaa' (The Strangers)?

The Messenger Muhammad (saw) said: "Islam began as something strange; and it will return as something...
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article thumbnailHow to deal with the Fitan

  The current situation of the Muslim Ummah is one of difficulty; maybe these are the most difficult days the Ummah has ever...
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article thumbnailYour children are not safe under the Education System!

                              The youth of this generation are the...
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