Stargate SG-1

The Andromeda Series
AU, romance, drama, angst. Years in the future, a disbanded SG-1 struggles to piece their lives - and their hearts - back together.
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Death by Chocolate
Humor. The SGC is shocked by a sudden murder. Whodunnit?

The Exile Trilogy
Angst, UST, romance, drama. Sam and Jack find themselves marooned on an alien world, and Daniel finds he's the only one who believes they're still alive.
Exile | Suspension | Asylum

Angst, AU, romance. One of their own is dead... and the killer is about to strike again...

From Hereon After
AU-future, angst, romance. When the world is turned upside-down, who can she trust to watch her back?
The Lies We Tell | The Collaborators | A Matter of Trust

How SG-1 Saved Christmas
Humor, action. The Gate swirled and whirled, and four figures stepped through. And in front of them, there in the snow, stood a Who.

Perfect World
Episodic, angst, drama. Motherhood and widowhood; she holds his future within her.

Action, angst, gen. A single touch can change everything.

Stargate Atlantis

Answer All the Questions
McKay/Weir UST, friendship. PG. It was a Tuesday, and it was totally unexpected.

Sheppard/Teyla UST, friendship. G. John wants a cute team -- is that so wrong?

Deep Water
Sheppard/Teyla friendship. PG. When presented with the choice between the river below and a Wraith warrior, Teyla unhesitatingly chooses the river.

Sheppard/Teyla. PG13. John lives most of his life now in stages, changing centuries as casually as some people change their clothes.

Sheppard/Teyla. PG. The last place she wanted to be was the gym, and the last person she wanted to be alone with was John Sheppard.

John Sheppard's Reasons Why (Not)
Sheppard/Teyla UST. PG. In the beginning it was easy to answer the question "why do you keep volunteering to get your ass kicked"?

Sheppard/Teyla UST. PG. "This isn't a competition, John," says Elizabeth, which is stupid because of course it is.

New to Woo
McKay/Weir UST, friendship. PG. It all started because Rodney McKay asked Aiden Ford a question, and after a fair amount of heckling, Aiden Ford gave Rodney McKay an answer.

Old Music
Sheppard/Teyla UST. PG. It's not so innocent anymore.

Sheppard/Teyla UST. PG. "It's just a gift, Teyla," he says. "I'm not asking you to marry me."

Sunrise Prophecy
Gen, Sheppard/Teyla friendship. PG13. There is a story among our people that has been told, as far back as anyone living can remember, of the man that will save us from the Wraith.

Three Days in Limbo
Angst, Drama, Sheppard/Teyla. R for adult situations/themes. Isolated among the enemy, Teyla must discover the choices that will save her team.
Day One | Day Two | Day Three | Day Four | Afterward

Sheppard/Teyla. PG13. All the Athosians are looking at him differently now, and for good reason.

Justice League

Batman's Greatest Hits [offsite link]
Humor, episodic. If Zatanna and Circe are the only women to know, there is no justice in the world.

Vignette. BM/WW. Being Bruce Wayne is hard work.

Kings and Cabbages [offsite link]
Geesh. Men. A Gotham Knights-inspired story.

Angst. GL/HG. He knows what they say about flying too close to the sky.

Angst, friendship. You can't always go home. But you can't stay here.