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The comp.sys.sinclair crap game competition, inspired by the cascade cassette 50. Celebrating the best of the worst available for the Sinclair Spectrum. The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy comp.sys.sinclair folklore FAQ states this about the CSSCGC:

"The Comp.Sys.Sinclair Crap Games Competition. This is an annual competition in which the residents of the newsgroup try to write the crappiest games possible.
Usually written in BASIC as it's easier to write crap games in that."

The archives of the past three years of 'games' can be found here: CGC - 2002, here: CGC - 2001 and here: CGC - 2000.
The archive of all past winners is here: CSS Crap Game Competition Results

If you would like to join in this world famous crapfest then please feel free to send entries to: dave@webshed.org. Any format that can be loaded into one of the emulators found here will be accepted for the competition. Although it would be appreciated if you warn me before sending .WAV or .VOC files that are 10s of megs in size.

The comp is now over. The whole archive of games can be downloaded here.

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