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Saturday, Nov 11, 2006 - 10:01:20 pm CST

Tod Fitzke, Denver (originally from Hastings): “It was an amazing game. It was like it’s been all year, sort of come out and trounce on ’em in the first half or so. We seemed to have trouble moving the ball and getting things going in the second half. The roof was about to come off this place, and they got the ball back and were ready to kick that field goal. Thank God for Barry Turner.”

Harvey Perlman, UNL chancellor: “It’s great. It’s just terrific. It’s great for the kids and the coaching staff. That’s what they set their goal to be this year (to make the Big 12 title game), and they got it, and that’s great.”

Kevin Weiberg, Big 12 commissioner: “This was a great finish. We’ve had some exciting games this year, and obviously, that’s the kind of finish that gets television excited for the future and fans excited. That’s a good thing.”

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