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Ponch endorses McCain

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — As he spoke to more than 2,000 members of the National Sheriffs’ Association Tuesday, McCain earned the endorsement of one deputy sheriff more well-known for his performance as a TV cop.

“I always admired him and I consider him one of my heroes because of what he has been through the fact also the he is a loving father, terrific husband from what I hear. And he’s a good man, he’s a man’s man and I want to support him and I want him to be my next president. And I will do what I possibly can,” Erik Estrada told FOX after McCain’s speech.

Estrada, known for his role as Francis “Ponch” Poncherello on the late 70’s TV show CHiPS, attended the speech in his role as a Bedford County, VA Deputy Sheriff. He also serves a few days a year with the Muncie, IN police department.

Asked why he is supporting McCain, Estrada said the presumptive GOP nominee supports the issues he most cares about.

“Law enforcement, number one which is he, as you heard today the way he feels about it. The welfare of children, which is my biggest concern and passion. And the fact that he has had experience and he has been situations that no other candidate at hand has been in and he has come out with flying colors,” he said, adding that he is planning to host a $250k plus fundraiser for McCain in Laguna Beach.

Though when asked if he supported McCain in the primary, Estrada paused for a few moments of silence.

Estrada said while he is still open to acting roles, he now spends almost all of his time committed to law enforcement, battling internet crime and fighting for children.

“I am a law enforcement officer first now. Before I was an actor playing a cop and now I am a cop who will act once in a while,” he said, but added that we can still call him “Ponch.”

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28 Responses to “Ponch endorses McCain”

Comment by bug parts

Well how can McCain lose now

with such a powerful endorsement?

McCain will probably get another big

bump from Dukes of Hazard.

Comment by Michael from Atlanta

Another meaningless celebrity endorsement…………………

Who gives a __________?

Comment by MaR

Well at least McCain has regular people endorsing him and not terrorists and people of questionable backgrounds. Rather have this Erik than Rezko, Wright, Ayers, etc, etc, etc.

Comment by McBush the Crook

Bush And McCain Try To Steal Credit For Webb’s GI
Bill That They Consistently Worked To Defeat
post from Think Progress on 19 June 2008 05:26:00 PM. © Think Progress

Yesterday, House leaders in both parties struck a deal on a war supplemental bill that includes expanded college benefits for veterans. The GI Bill is Sen. Jim Webb?s (D-VA) version, as well as a provision allowing troops to transfer the benefits to family members. President Bush has promised to sign the legislation.

Now, however, Bush and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) — the two most vocal opponents of Webb’s bill — are trying to take credit for it. They are claiming that they always supported the generous benefits — their main concern was just ensuring the benefits’ transferability:

McCain: That has always been my primary concern with respect to the Webb bill. … With the addition of the transferability provisions sought by Senators Graham, Burr, myself and others to give service members the right to transfer earned G.I. Bill benefits to spouses and children, we will have achieved in offering vastly improved educational benefit.

Bush: Throughout the past five months, President Bush and members of his Administration have worked hard to ensure that an expansion of GI benefits includes transferability. … The President is pleased that Congress answered his call.

Webb said that he had been considering changing his bill to include a transferability option. But instead of working with him, McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) went ahead and introduced an opposing bill. While it did have transferability, it also had less generous educational benefits.

This was never the real reason Bush and McCain opposed the legislation. Their constant complaint was that Webb’s version was too generous and would lead to a drop in military retention:

McCain: “I want to make sure that we have incentives for people to remain in the military as well as for people to join the military.”

Bush administration: “The last thing we want to do is provide a benefit ? or the last thing we want to do is create a situation in which we are losing our men and women who we have worked so hard to train.”

As the CBO concluded, these claims about retention were inaccurate. The Pentagon also argued that it was too generous to confer benefits on troops after “only” two years of service, and legislation offered by McCain and his Senate allies would have reserved the most generous benefits for those who have served at least 12 years, excluding most servicemembers.

Comment by Cindy

Good for McCain! He has earned the right to be endorsed.

Comment by Ron Wagner

If this is the best he can get, he is in real trouble.

Comment by Ron Wagner

Who’s next, George Bush.

Comment by American Conservative

No one can doubt McCain’s heroism when he was younger, but how can he accept full disability benifits from his prior injuries equalling if I am not mistaken $ 65,000? He goes from town to town and continually says he is in good health. If he was a mans man as Estrada says, then he would give all that money to those families of fallen soldiers. There are many young wives with small children who could use that money. Or he could just donate it back to the American military. I wish so bad we had a real leader to get behind as we have the worst socialist running on the other side. Though I am not a Barr supporter, the more I learn about him, the more I am planning on voting for him. McCains only chance is to have a true conservative as his running mate.

Comment by Michael from Atlanta

Obama is a weenie!

Comment by Biff Biffington

I thought “hollywood” endorsements were meaningless, etc….. oh.. i get it.. he is LATINO, so… let’s play it up BIG!

Comment by dlwix

A ‘FRAUD’ is BO !

Comment by no comments allowed

no comments yet

Comment by My Friends

I’ll take what I can get. Thanks Ponch

Comment by AreYouKiddingMe

If I was McCain I would throw that Ponch back. What a joke?

Comment by chuck

Those who are critical of democracy and worship Obama are traitors to the United States will learn what hell is if this puppet buys the presidency.

Comment by Travis

There is still hope for America. We just need more thinking people like this one.

Comment by Goy ara

Foxnews has the most ridiculous top stories. Seems like they are desperate to say something good about Mccain. Too bad the guy is so boring. BORING. Puts me to sleep evertime he opens his mouth.

Comment by Frances

WHO? Wow I am too young to remember him. Terrific husband to who, first or second wife?

Comment by jkdam

Obama just got endorsement from god not mine, His, you know the “God Dam” Rev Wright speaks and feels so highly of. Yeah, McCain’s endorsement really no big deal.

Comment by Namako OH3

I’m already fed up with both of the main-stream candidates. I just tried to find some information on anyone else who has decalred his or her candidacy for the office, and the Press seems to have all decided that these two guys are the only choices worth considering. Surely there’s more - is this the best leadership that America can produce to run for the highest office in the WORLD? Incredible!!! Maybe it’s time to consider citizenship in Australia…


[...] Estrada also for McCain Okay McCain’s list of Hollywood supporters is starting to read like a really bad episode of Hollywood squares. The ghost of Paul Lynde will [...]

Comment by Mary

B list actor endorsing B list politician…Am I missing something…Where’s the news?

Comment by connie

He earned that money the hard way, harder than you can even think about you left
wing liberal. I hate it when you call yourself an American conservative. All your
post are so far to the left

Comment by e

i tired of hear about him being shot down…there were a lot of pilots shot down and went through worse of an ordeal than he did. It still doesn’t make him qualified to be President. I want some fresh eyes, new ideas, and new blood in office. Whoever wins the Presidency will have a huge mess to clean up after this Bush debacle.

Comment by Michael from Atlanta

John McCain is a Liberal and will not choose a conservative as his VP. A conservative VP would undermine his liberal agenda.

Comment by chuck

Vote Obama if you wish to impose upon this nation, The United States, that which his financial supporters and advisers, Hexbollah, Al Qaeda, militant Islamics, etc., have to offer.
Obama might qualify as a latrine orderly, if he wears his muzzle at all times.

Comment by Andrew B

The fact that this even made the news shows how pathetic the level of support for McCain is. Not only that, Ponch didn’t even vote for McCain in the primary.

Comment by inner voice

borok is missing endorcement from cambodiam pol pot - same adgenda


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