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id Software first independent developer to win the award

Las Vegas, Jan. 9, 2007 - id Software had the honor of winning two Technology Emmy Awards from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 8, 2007. The awards were given as part of the Science, Technology & Engineering Emmy� Awards ceremony.

The Pioneering Development Work in 3D Game Engines award was won by John Carmack, co-founder and technical director of id Software, for his cutting edge contributions to rendering technology as the lead programmer on DOOM�. id Software, a quintessential leader in technology development, was awarded a second Emmy for the company's technological leadership in rendering breakthroughs with the QUAKE� technology.

The Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards honor achievements in two areas: Science, Engineering & Technology for Broadcast Television, which includes broadcast, cable and satellite distribution, and secondly, Science, Engineering and Technology for Broadband and Personal Television, encompassing interactive television, gaming technology, and for the first time, the Internet, cell phones, private networks, and personal media players. This year represents a milestone for the interactive entertainment industry as id Software is the very first independent game developer to be awarded an Emmy since the Academy began honoring technology innovation in 1948.

"This is an incredible honor for John Carmack and id Software," says Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software. "We consistently push the limits of gaming technology, and it's great to be recognized for the passion and dedication we put into our games."

id Software has long been heralded as the creator of the first person shooter genre of video games with the release of its many franchises including Wolfenstein, DOOM and QUAKE. The same revolutionary and proprietary graphics engines for PC, consoles and mobile phones, have also been licensed to multiple developers and publishers who have repeatedly harnessed id technology to create top selling and critically acclaimed titles. Since 1996, id powered games have generated worldwide revenues in excess of $2 Billion. id's most recent internally developed title, DOOM 3�, extends a proven track record with over 3.5 million units sold and is id's most successful game to date.

Having co-founded id Software, John Carmack is responsible for the technology behind some of the most compelling and successful PC game titles of all time. Utilizing largely self taught techniques, Carmack has consistently created the most in-demand and technically sophisticated 3D graphics engines in existence. Carmack continues to work on advancing the technology of game design with new technologies like MegaTexture, which will appear in id Software's upcoming Enemy Territory: QUAKE WarsT. With several of the most recognized games series ever created to his credit, such as Quake and Doom, Carmack is a technological visionary and a cultural trendsetter.

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