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About TEA
                    Tirupur Exporters Association – popularly known as TEA - was established in the year 1990. This is an Association exclusively for exporters of cotton knitwear who have production facilities in Tirupur. From the modest beginning TEA has grown into a strong body of knitwear exporters. Today, TEA has a membership of 658 Life members and 155 Associate Members.

The members of the Association, from the beginning, have resolved to develop their organization focusing on

  • Multilateral growth of knitwear industry and exports
  • Development of infrastructural needs for Tirupur.
  • Implementation of schemes for the benefit of the socity and public
  • Promotion of constructive co-operation with workers with fair division of rewards.
  • General upliftment of quality of life of Tirupur.

  • For Foreign Buyer TEA:-

  • Offers conferencing and secretarial services
  • Helps in Locating suitable suppliers
  • Helps in resolving disputes.

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