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Alone in the Dark - Image 1A lot of us were impressed every time Eden Games released a tech demo of Alone in the Dark (Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, PC). It seems even the developers are happy with their work, as evidenced by the latest blog post of Atari North American Producer Todd Slepian.

The technology behind the upcoming action-packed survival horror title has been revealed as Twilight 2, and it's nothing short of impressive.

Slepian explained that years of hard work went into the latest version of the engine which made Test Drive Unlimited possible. "Twilight 2 is a fully integrated tool used by every member of the development team from programmers and artists to animators and sound designers," he explained.

To further illustrate the capabilities of what Alone in the Dark was built on, here's the list of key features Slepian cited:
  • Flexibility: The key strength of the Twilight tool is its incredible flexibility, which allows almost any type of game to be developed from action adventure to driving
  • Powerful: Twilight demonstrated its power with the globally acclaimed Test Drive Unlimited which set a new benchmark for racing games
  • Integration: Twilight allows all the different development sections � graphics, level design, music, programming � to synchronise perfectly for a seamless realization and integration of ideas and implementation from concept to execution across any project
  • Universal: The Twilight tool is used by over 200 individuals, from level designers and character animators to AI programmers and sound designers, both at Eden and at the studios of external contractors
  • Rendering: The rendering is powered by an evolved version of the rendering engine originally built for Test Drive Unlimited, adapted to enable specific effects needed for Alone in the Dark such as multiple real-time lights, advanced camera controls and sophisticated real-time post-production effects
From the looks of it, we won't see the last of Twilight. Any wild guesses as to what Eden Games will dish out next? Don't be afraid to share on the comments!

Buy: [ Alone in the Dark (Windows), (Wii), (Xbox 360) ]

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