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Last Updated: July 5, 2008 3:59 AM

SLIPKNOT: 8 Million People Log On To AOL To See New Masks - July 2, 2008
An astonishing 8 million people logged on to AOL to see the new SLIPKNOT masks Tuesday, July 1.

With a press release, and splash pages on all Roadrunner properties, within 24 hours millions logged onto just for the unveiling of SLIPKNOT's new look.

This highly anticipated debut kick-started the launch of SLIPKNOT's new album, "All Hope Is Gone", which was mixed by Colin Richardson (MACHINE HEAD, FEAR FACTORY, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, NAPALM DEATH). Due on August 26 via Roadrunner Records, the disc was recorded with producer Dave Fortman (EVANESCENCE, MUDVAYNE) at a studio near the band's hometown of Des Moines, Iowa.

SLIPKNOT's new single, "Psychosocial", made its way to radio stations on Monday (June 30) and has now been made available for digital download. Percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan told The Pulse of Radio everything he could about the track. "One thing I can feel is like that song has got a lot of, like, you know, I would say social anxiety," he said. "It's got a real good tempo and it's really, you know, today. It's really fun and it's different. I think most of the stuff that we have is different."

SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor said in a press release about the new CD, "Every album we have made is a statement about that space in time. I think this era is the most mature, most beautiful and the most powerful. We have made an album that will show the road behind, the road ahead, and where we are as men. I think it's the best thing I've ever made."

The last SLIPKNOT studio album, "Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)", arrived in 2004 and sold more than a million copies in the U.S.

SLIPKNOT will co-headline the Rockstar Energy Mayhem tour this summer with DISTURBED. The trek, which also features DRAGONFORCE, MASTODON, MACHINE HEAD and others, kicks off on July 9 in Seattle.

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posted by : Hotdog Fingers
7/2/2008 3:01:49 PM

FIRST! DSM reprezent mother bitches.

posted by : maximo
7/2/2008 3:02:20 PM

8 million? Those cannot be unique numbers.

COMMENT | To paraphrase the late George Carlin
posted by : hurricane hugo
7/2/2008 3:11:10 PM

think of how stupid the average American is, and then remember that half of them are dumber than that.


COMMENT | Send In The Clowns
posted by : Strangeway
7/2/2008 3:12:12 PM


posted by : Tin Omen 07
7/2/2008 3:14:02 PM

Good for them.

Maybe another Murderdolls album will follow......

posted by : Scotts_Orange_Juice
7/2/2008 3:18:58 PM

8 million slackers

posted by : lackadaisical
7/2/2008 3:20:10 PM

hopefully 8 million people will buy the new album and change history

posted by : Metal Fisted
7/2/2008 3:24:39 PM

Gimmicks aren't my thing, but if those masks float your boat, cool enough.

I just settle for bands who are noted for their music, and not for the shit they wear on their heads.

posted by : AmericanMetalHead
7/2/2008 3:33:51 PM

New masks !?! * 8,000,000 = meh

posted by : blackXmetalXcore
7/2/2008 3:43:42 PM

8 million mallcore kids...tsk tsk tsk

COMMENT | nerd
posted by : Dano1984
7/2/2008 3:44:44 PM

So I have nothing of worthy contribution to this story other than someone should look at the grammatical error of this sentence and fix it

"With a press release, and splash pages on all Roadrunner properties, within 24 hours millions logged onto just for the unveiling of SLIPKNOT's new look." someone call me a vulgar name for pointing that out. To me, it just needs a comma or maybe just a "had logged onto.."

posted by : SchecterShredder
7/2/2008 3:56:20 PM

@ hurricane hugo - then divide that in half and that is how fucking stupid you are. pwnt.

posted by : Wakeupdead88
7/2/2008 4:05:42 PM


posted by : Decepticon75
7/2/2008 4:05:53 PM

oh i think i'll just leave a nice big who gives a fuck on this one

COMMENT | So obviously 8 million people
posted by : Dogface
7/2/2008 4:21:55 PM

needed a good hearty LAUGH that day....

posted by : cock vomit
7/2/2008 4:25:18 PM

...........OUR MASKS AT:



posted by : puthimdownyafrig
7/2/2008 4:27:55 PM

their new crosses to bear, to sweat and suffer in.

COMMENT | Decepticon75
posted by : SlackerOne
7/2/2008 4:37:33 PM

"oh i think i'll just leave a nice big who gives a fuck on this one"

the only evidence we have are the morons who not only took the time to click on the link, but then who took the time to post. what dummies.

wait a minute............

posted by : spo
7/2/2008 4:45:13 PM

8 million peices of evidence that this gay band has to wear these outfits to get any attention because their music is absolutely crap. They can make the same shitty music with about 1/3 of the people they have in the band. But they have a DJ so club appearances will always be an option for them.

COMMENT | This is bullshit
posted by : ofbjoker312
7/2/2008 4:56:08 PM

everyone of you who badmouthed this page i bet u all clicked yesterday to look at the new masks and now your going to talk trash about it your all fucking jokes. its people like you who keep metal in the fucking dark

posted by : chocolate covered testicles
7/2/2008 5:03:15 PM

Most of you people are so stupid!!!!! Bash all you want the people that truly like a band still will, your wasting your time.

8 million! thats fucking crazy! lets see how many albums they sell.

posted by : WaysToTheGrave
7/2/2008 5:19:33 PM

Cant even hear the guitar on the new song, just drums and vocals

posted by : Kissfan77
7/2/2008 5:23:11 PM

one looks like "The Crow" face...think there is a lawsuit in the works...

COMMENT | Teknowhore
posted by : BrunoMacD
7/2/2008 6:10:06 PM

Dude, if you get on here, could you handle this one? I'm too tired to break it down for the foolios yet again

Respect to the Slipknot supporters. See y'all on what will be the tour of the year (unless NIN are as good as last time, anyway)

COMMENT | 8 million
posted by : h8*male
7/2/2008 6:19:08 PM

more dollars than you will have....

posted by : Teracotta_Pie
7/2/2008 6:51:36 PM

What a bunch of posers, we'll see when the album comes out.
I prefer listening to bands for the music, this is all commercial shit and unfortunately 8 million Americans fall for this shit. Only in America

COMMENT | Not bad at all
posted by : Polimar
7/2/2008 6:59:39 PM

I like them.
Anyway music is what matters to me and the new songs rip.
I can't wait for the new album.

posted by : rubthebuddha
7/2/2008 7:43:33 PM

As a traditionalist, I actually used to dislike slipknot. However, I've made a playlist of about 10 songs that I can get into. Also, that is not really a Crow mask, looks more like a twisted jester to me.

COMMENT | zzzzzzz
posted by : enemy of god
7/2/2008 7:50:20 PM

cock rock for kiddies

posted by : mysticpain666
7/2/2008 7:51:30 PM

Did all the Mall-Core kids get their parents permission first?

lame dude... so incredibly lame how this band can sell anything.

COMMENT | From what i've heard so far...
posted by : CCMASON
7/2/2008 8:02:29 PM

This albums production fucking sucks

posted by : MiloYambag
7/2/2008 8:13:31 PM

WTF...why are there like 10 people in this group and I can only here like 2 of them? And WTF is the *LOL* DJ?

COMMENT | Comedy act
posted by : Radical Ed
7/2/2008 8:18:58 PM

Are those masks any different from the shit they wore before?
I wouldn't know, I think their music is crap and I don't follow their costume changes.
Who would waste their time with this kiddie garbage when you have so many TALENTED bands out there who can actually PLAY WELL and don't have to rely on dipshitty costumes to promote their lack of virtuosity.
Bring on the new Morbid Angel. Fuck this sewage.

posted by : lued8938
7/2/2008 8:59:09 PM

8 Million people = Shit

posted by : darkfist
7/2/2008 9:34:20 PM

This story is too funny.

posted by : RiotAct666
7/2/2008 10:10:19 PM

Joey's mask is crazy \m/

COMMENT | Good luck!
posted by : Amber Rose
7/2/2008 11:22:50 PM

To all you!

posted by : Benji
7/2/2008 11:49:13 PM

That turntablist, hahaha. His mask is always, like, "Look! My spikes got bigger!".

posted by : kling_klang_bed
7/3/2008 2:04:31 AM

Slipknot is the metal equivalent of bad tequila shits. You know, the ones that made you feel like you're shitting acid the next day.

posted by : STILLDEAD
7/3/2008 4:52:12 AM

Tour of the year ? Are you Shitting Me?
It seems like 4 options are possible...
1, you are being sarcastic
2, you are musically illiterate
3, you are on Really Strong Drugs
4, you are 14 years old
Since you are using words like "foolio" I'm guessing it's the latter.
While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, there is simply NO FUCKING WAY that this could even remotely be considered "Tour of the Year". Therefore, opinions aside you are incorrect.

posted by : EilertPilarm
7/3/2008 12:23:49 PM

7,999,998 thought they would see somekind of new weird porn but got dissapointed.

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