DynDNS Selected as Sole DNS Provider for .COOP Registry

January 30, 2006

MANCHESTER, NH – Dynamic Network Services, Inc., a provider of superior domain name system (“DNS”) services, announced today the selection of DynDNS as the sole Domain Name System (DNS) provider to support .coop, an Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) generic top-level domain (“TLD”). Midcounties Co-operative Domains Ltd. (“MCD”,) the registry operator of the .coop TLD, chose DynDNS to provide domain resolution to all domains ending in .coop.

Registry operated DNS represents the first layer when Internet users try to access services, such as website or e-mail services. If a registry’s DNS services failed for any reason, all of the domains in that registry would be inaccessible.

The .coop domain, launched in January 2002, was one of seven new TLDs selected from more than 180 that were proposed. The .coop TLD is a “restricted TLD”, meaning that only bona fide cooperatives may use the extension. DotCooperation LLC, the sponsor of the .coop TLD, verifies that each registrant is eligible for a domain name. Registrants include the largest consumer co-operatives, credit unions, utilities cooperatives and agricultural cooperatives across the world.

As required by ICANN, DynDNS will provide a strict level of service by ensuring DNS resolution 100 percent of the time with low latency. These requirements are backed by a Service Level Agreement to MCD.

Jeremy Hitchcock, DynDNS CEO, commented on MCD’s selection of DynDNS: “Our combination of reliability and value were the keys to having been selected to handle the DNS service for the .coop TLD. Our global, fault-tolerant, name service infrastructure serves billions of queries daily and has not suffered a complete outage. Combined with our very attractive pricing, it was an unbeatable combination. We are pleased to add the .coop TLD to the other top-level domains we service, .cx, .tl and .mu”

Neil Homer, MCD CEO based in Oxford, UK, says: “As a sTLD operator we need to match our technology costs with our smaller registry volumes in order to offer our fellow co-operatives value for money in the services we provide. DynDNS met our specification at a great price and we’re looking forward to working with them in the years to come”.

DynDNS operates TLDDNS.com as the brand for all top-level service. TLDDNS.com offers registry level TLDDNS.com Primary DNS service, TLDDNS.com Hidden Primary DNS, and TLDDNS.com Secondary DNS Assured, TLDDNS.com Secondary DNS services. These services allow top-level domain operators the flexibility to augment their infrastructure by leveraging TLDDNS.com.

About MCD

MCD has the contract with dotCoop to operate the .coop sTLD registry. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Midcounties Co-operative Ltd, a US$800m diversified consumer co-operative based in the UK. Its sister business, domains.coop, is the largest registrar of .coop domain names in the world.

About DotCooperation LLC

dotCoop is the sponsor of the .coop domain and responsible for management of the .coop registry and verification of registrants. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Cooperative Business Association, a U.S.-based national, cross-industry membership association.