Day of Rest Cover

Rahel Jaskow’s award-winning CD, “Day of Rest,” consists mostly of songs for the Jewish Sabbath day. Expertly recorded and mixed by Ray Scudero of Argaman Studios in Israel, Rahel’s disc pioneers a new genre in Jewish music. Since its release in November 2000, “Day of Rest” has received a great deal of recognition: it won the Just Plain Folks award for best ethnic music album of 2001, and in January 2002 this site was chosen as the Jewish Music Web Center’s featured website of the month. Rahel and “Day of Rest” were also featured in the Jerusalem Post Magazine in February, 2002.

Rahel has recorded nearly every song on the disc in multiple voices, without instrumental accompaniment, to give the effect of a small a-cappella choir.

Rahel’s clear, bell-like voice and harmonious vocal arrangements guide the listener to tranquil places and make the spirit soar.

Although the songs are mostly in Hebrew (except “Lullaby in C,” which is sung both in English and in Rahel’s Hebrew translation), their message is clear to speakers of any language: to take the time to rest and refresh ourselves.

“Day of Rest” is available online at CD Baby.