Me and My Shadows
a becket formation contra by David Kirchner

Long lines forward and back (8)
Circle left once (8)

On left diagonal, ladies chain (8)
Across, ladies chain; turn to face original partner (8)

Give partner right hand as #1, pull by up and down the long lines until you reach #4 (6?)
Allemande left #4 (4?)
Pull by back to partner (6?)

Balance and swing partner (16)

Notes: Watch the end effects; there is no clear point at which the progression "happens" and newer dancers especially may become confused. This dance was composed in response to an e-mail from a fellow caller asking if I knew of a dance featuring grand right and left along the lines which returned to one's partner instead of one's neighbor. Unable to think of any, I composed this on the spot and sent it back, then forgot the matter. I was considerably startled a couple of months later when the same caller complimented me on how well the dance had worked and asked if the dance had a name yet. I had to hunt back through my e-mail logs to find out what I had written!

I have experiemented with calling the dance beginning with the diagonal chain at the top of the A1. Although this allows the balance to come at the top of the B1 -- which has nice musical potential -- I have decided that the above version is more comfortable for dancers. I suspect this is because the dancers become aware of the transition at the top of the A1, and so are more attuned to correcting for any odd spacing during the forward and back.

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