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1926—The New-Way Course in Fashionable Clothes-Making

Table of Contents (short version)

Introduction—A Little Chat Before We Begin

Lesson 1—How to Study

Lesson 2—Talk on Sewing Machine

Lesson 3—First Dressmaking Stitches

Lesson 4—Seams

Lesson 5—Tucks and the Tucker

Lesson 6—Hems

Lesson 7—Trimming

Lesson 8—Facings

Intro to Lesson 9—The Fashion Silhouette

Lesson 9—Uses of Bias Binding

Lesson 10—Plackets

Lesson 11—Pipings

Lesson 12—Fastenings

Lesson 13—Braid

Lesson 14—Embroidery

Lesson 15—The Edge Stitcher

Lesson 16—Aprons

Lesson 16A—Clothes Budget

Lesson 17—Textiles

Lesson 18—Preparing Material

Lesson 19—Paper Patterns

Lesson 20—Fitting Patterns

Lesson 21—The Dress Form

Lesson 22—The Dress Form Lining

Lesson 23—Padding the Dress Form

Lesson 24—The New Home-Made Dress Form

Intro to Lesson 25—The Well Dressed Child

Lesson 25—Maternity Clothes

Lesson 26—Children's Clothes

Lesson 27—Women's Pajamas

Lesson 28—Petticoats

Lesson 29—Pretty Underthings

Lesson 30—Camisoles

Lesson 31—Blouses

Lesson 32—Kimonas, Bathrobes, Boudoir Caps

Intro to Lesson 33—Correct Clothes for Every Occasion

Lesson 33—The Tailored Pocket

Lesson 34—Tailored Blouses

Lesson 35—Skirts

Lesson 36—Color Applied to Dress

Lesson 37—Design Through the Ages

Lesson 38—A Study of the Human Figure

Lesson 39—Theory and Practice of Dress Design

Lesson 40—More on Dress Design

Lesson 41—What to Wear and When to Wear It

Lesson 42—The One-Piece Dress

Lesson 43—Sleeves

Lesson 44—Sports Apparel

Intro to Lesson 45—Dress Design

Lesson 45—The Fascination of Dress Design

Lesson 46—Trimmings

Lesson 47—The Evening Dress

Lesson 48—Afternoon Gown

Intro to Lesson 49—Introduction to the Dress Shop

Lesson 49—The Dress Shop

Lesson 50—Furnishings

Lesson 51—Reception Room

Lesson 52—Stationery

Lesson 53—Selecting Employees

Lesson 54—Bookkeeping

Lesson 55—Business Methods

Lesson 56—Seasonal Changes



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