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The following is a list of location information gathered from various news sources, etc. Unless otherwise noted, the locations are in Santa Clarita, California, where CSI: Crime Scene Investigation films. Do you know of a location? Submit your information here.

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

?? Various episodes have been filmed at Eichler Homes
101. Pilot Episode?? Scene shot in downtown, City of Long Beach, at 1045 Olive Street and St. Mary's Hospital on August 8, 2000.
102. Cool Change How's Market. Two homes in Harwick PI. Town Center Mall store. Shadow Pines at Soledad Canyon Road.
103. Crate 'n Burial Chestnut Street home. Chestnut Street and 15th Street. Polsa Rosa Ranch (replicated a desert). Soledad Canyon Road and Agua Dulce Canyon Road (for the phone booth scene).
104. Pledging Mr. Johnson Castaic Lake. San Francisco Canyon Road. The Lifeguard house at Castaic Lake was used as a restaurant.
105. Friends and Lovers The Rye Canyon Complex was used for a desert scene, the exterior of a police station, cemetary and dumpster area.
106. Who Are You? Two Clex Drive homes.
108. Anonymous Lake Hughes Road. Bronco Drive home.
110. Sex, Lies and Larvae Best Western Valencia Inn. The Rye Canyon Complex was used for mountains, the exterior of a police station, and cyclone fence field.
111. I-15 Murders Meadow Mountain Road home. Pitchess Detention Center. Town Center garage.
113. Boom Sunrise Hills Road home. Tourney Road office building. Sunrise Hills Road was used for a bomb field.
114. To Halve and to Hold Las Vegas: The Glass Pool Inn was used for the swimming pool scene.
116. Too Tough to Die Town Center Garage. Pico Canyon Road. The Santa Clarita Studios was used for a firing range and police department parking lot.
117. Face Lift Arte Mexicano. Walnut Street home. Pitchess Detention Center. The Santa Clarita Studios was used for the pig in the chair scene.
118. $35K O.B.O. Mulligans. Smyth Drive at Rye Canyon Road.
119. Gentle, Gentle Vista Valencia Golf Course. Hyatt. The Rye Canyon Complex doubled as a police station.
120. Sounds of Silence Placerita Liquor Store. 9th Street Java 'n Jazz. Chestnut Street home.
121. Justice is Served The Rye Canyon Complex was used as a carnival location.
122. Evaluation Day Oak Grove Estates. Pitchess Detention Center. Extra Storage. Twin Palms Restaurant. The Oaktree Gun Club was used for the special effects shots of a bullet through an apple. An area north of Franklin Parkway was used for desert scenes and Mt. Charleston.
123. The Strip Strangler Hows Market.
2nd Season episode - unknown The Pasadena City Hall Mayor's office was featured as a Congressman's office.
201. Burked Valencia Country Club. Franklin Parkway doubled as a gully.
203. Overload Bouquet Canyon Road was used as forest fire. Castaic Lake. Daily News (used as a loading dock).
204. Bully for You Lilly of the Valley Mobile Home Village.
205. Scuba Doobie-Doo Santa Clarita Studios was used for an exterior shot. Pete's Hot Dogs.
206. Alter Boys Copper Hill area was used for the desert burial scene. Rio Market. Oasis Mobil Park. Shakey's Pizza. Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
207. Caged Egg Plantation Restaurant. The Cottage on Walnut. Wolf's Towing. San Fernando Road and Market Street. Smyth Drive.
208. Slaves of Las Vegas Bouquet Canyon Road. Iron Canyon Road home.
209. And Then There Were None Rio Market. Curtis Sand and Gravel. Cherry Street home. Agua Dulce Canyon Road.
210. Ellie
  • Town Center garage. Hyatt pool. Pacific Printing. Newhall Avenue apartment.
  • Las Vegas locations: Grand Central Parkway, outside Paris with the hotel's Eiffel Tower in the background. Tropicana (October 2001).
  • 211. Organ Grinder Agua Dulce Canyon Road home. NovaCap (used for a hospital exterior).
    212. You've Got Male Highway 126 at Wolcott Way. Sanna Ranch (used for Spring Mountain). Soledad Canyon Road home.
    213. Identity Crisis Sierra Highway warehouse. Oakvale Drive home. Pico Canyon Road. Courthouse on Valencia.
    214. The Finger Sierra Highway used as the reservoir. Saugus Cafe. Gas station on Sierra Highway. Island View Court home. MacMilland Ranch Road home. Vasquez canyon Road and Meadstone Road (used for a ravine). Sierra Highway and Davenport Road. San Fernando Road.
    215. Burden of Proof Sanna Ranch used as the 'body farm'.
    216. Primum Non Nocere Ice Station Valencia.
    217. Felonious Monk Winston's Pub. Way Station Coffee Shop. Paintball USA.
    218. Chasing the Bus Giant Travel Plaza was used as a truck stop.
    219. Stalker North Glen Apartments. Chestnut Street home. Hilton Garden Inn. Two Rancho Adobe Road homes.
    220. Cats in the Cradle Oakvale Drive home used as a garage. Corus Metals Inc. was used as a warehouse. Creekside Collision Center.
    221. Anatomy of a Lye Mystery Mesa. The Rye Canyon Complex was used as Western LVU.
    222. Cross-Jurisdictions Town Center garage.
    223. The Hunger Artist
  • De Wolfe Road home. The Rye Canyon Complex was used as Darling's office.
  • Las Vegas: Location shots.
  • 301. Revenge is Best Served Cold
  • Vista Valencia Golf Course.
  • Las Vegas: On-location shots in August 2002.
  • 302. The Accused is Entitled
  • Arcadia Street home. Hollywood Fire.
  • On-location shots in Las Vegas in August 2002.
  • 303. Let the Seller Beware The CSI production office was used as the realty office.
    305. Abra Cadaver Pitchess Detention Center.
    306. The Execution of Catherine Willows Placerview Trail home.
    307. Fight Night
  • Semiconductor Process Equipment Corp. was used as a hospital.
  • Las Vegas: The Palms, a parking lot behind Seven, the corner of Harmon Avenue and the Strip (which duplicates a crime scene), the Venetian (from the main entrance, the casino to Venetzia Fine Jewelry) (October 2002).
  • 308. Snuff Firestone Ranch. Placerview Trail home. River bed north of Copper Hill.
    310. High and Low Princess Cruises. Three Santa Clarita Road homes (Saugus). Cabo's Lighthouse. Bouquet Canyon at Leny Street.
    311. Recipe for Murder Hyatt.
    312. Got Murder? BMW Dealer. Chaquita Canyon Landfill. Two Matador Place home (Saugus). Land south of the Rye Canyon Complex.
    313. Random Acts of Violence Rye Canyon Complex. Walnut Avenue apartments (Newhall). River at Walnut Street (Newhall).
    314. One Hit Wonder Saugus apartments. Town Center Mall.
    315. Lady Heather's Box Plum Canyon and Rodgers Drive. Rye Canyon Complex (doubling as two nightclubs). Fremont Court.
    316. Lucky Strike
  • Valencia Town Center. Auto Center Drive. Canine Country Club (Saugus). Colony Townhomes.
  • Las Vegas: Shot February 3 & 4, 2003. Shot at Fremont Street Experience, the intersection of Main Street and Ogeden Avenue, and the Venentian.
  • 317. Crash and Burn Lyons office building. Newhall paint store. Maple Street home (Newhall). Heritage Lane home (Newhall).
    318. Precious Metals Newhall alley. Heritage Lane home (newhall). F.U.N. Inc. (Newhall). Lost Creek Road home. End of Pico Canyon. End of Lost Creek. Sierra Highway warehouse.
    319. A Night at the Movies Oil Refinery. Remsen Street. Tourelle Place home (Valencia). Mobile Gas on San Fernando.
    320. Last Laugh Pacerita Liquors. Canyon Theater (Newhall). Pike Lane home.
    321. Forever Peachland Elementary. Green Mill home. Vasquez Rocks. A Sierra Highway ranch. SPEC.
    323. Inside the Box Las Vegas: Jean Dry lake bed. On April 29, 2003, CSI shot at the Rampart Casino and J.W. Marriott hotel (for office and casino scenes). On April 30th, they shot at a private residence in the southeast end of the valley, then moved downtown to the Sun State Apartments and an alley at First and Lewis Streets (for a getaway car scene during the bank robbery).
    401. Assume Nothing Las Vegas: Two days were spent on location. Several locations at Station Casinos' Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, including the pool, the casino, the Whiskey Sky bar and the BullShrimp restaurant. On the Strip, the Boardwalk's parking garage was also used.
    403. Homebodies Salt Creek Grill.
    405. Feeling the Heat Town Center parking lot. Castaic Lake.
    406. Fur and Loathing Hyatt.
    407. Jackpot Newhall Hardware. Sand Canyon home.
    Big Bear: Outdoors scenes also filmed in and around Fawnskin. Scenes were also filmed at the Hitchcock Ranch, Holcomb Valley and the Forest Services' lease cabins at the bottom of Poligue Canyon. The Fawnskin Fire Department property became the sheriff's office and a gas station that was so real an area resident tried to fill his vehicle's tank while the set was being used. (From BigBearGrizzly.net)
    408. After the Show Greenmill Avenue home. Infinity dealer.
    409. Grissom V. Volcano Mann Biomedical (for explosion scene)
    410. Coming of Rage Valencia Town Center mall. Canyon High School. Kimbrough Lane, and Zeus Lane.
    414. Suckers Las Vegas: The Palomino Club, which will be transformed in to a 'goth-style lair'; the Hollywood Props warehouse, to be used by a character who crafts artifacts; Green Valley Ranch, where a swimming pool is used for a flashback sequence; Caesar's Palace, for scenes on the casino floor and in the President Suite.
    415. Early Rollout Foster Freeze on Soledad Canyon. Mountasia Family Fun Center.
    416. Getting Off Oak Orchard home. Town Center. Anza Dr (bonfire). Hyatt.
    417. XX Del Valle Road Pitchess Detention Center
    418. Bad to the Bone Apple Street home. Sierra Pelona Motel.
    419. Bad Words Decoro Drive home. Anza Drive. Mountasia Family Fun Center.
    420. Dead Ringer Town Center Drive
    421. Turning of the Screws Part of roller coaster crash scene filmed at Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom in Redlands, California. Santa Clarita: Alta Dena Express on Lyons. Arcadia home. Salt Creek Grill.
    422. No More Bets Las Vegas: Locations range from the Rampart Casino at the Resort at Summerlin to downtown's neon boneyard, Main Street and a local landmark, Bonanza Gifts. Santa Clarita: Valencia Town Center (outside Ambercrombie and Chicos).
    423. Bloodlines Alert Auto Body. Soledad Canyon Road
    501. Viva Las Vegas

    CSI: Miami

    121. Spring Break Huntington Beach, CA. Filmed segments on Main Street from PCH to Walnut. Additional scenes were filmed during the week at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa and the beach (Third CSI Miami has filmed in Huntington Beach).
    ? Miami: Mandarin Oriental Hotel
    221. Not Landing Part of the plane crash scene were filmed on a beach in L.A.; location shots of terrified tourists was shot on a beach in Delray, Florida.
    223. MIA/Non-Stop Portions of this episode were filmed on location in New York City (Apr 4-6, 2004).

    CSI: New York

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