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HEALTH-2007-1.4-4: Development of emerging gene therapy tools and technologies for clinical application

ICT-2007.8.3: FET proactive 3: Bio-ICT convergence

NMP-2007-1.1-1 Nano-scale mechanisms of bio/non-bio interactions

NMP-2007-1.2-5 Examining capacity building in nanobiotechnology

NMP-2007-1.3-2 Risk assessment of engineered nanoparticles on health and the environment

NMP-2007-1.3-3 Scientific review of the data and studies on the potential impact of engineered nano-particles on health, safety and the environment

NMP-2007-1.3-4 Creation of a critical and commented database on the health, safety and environmental impact of nanoparticles

NMP-2007-2.1-2 Nanostructured coatings and thin films

NMP-2007-2.3-1 Highly porous bioactive scaffolds controlling angiogenesis for tissue engineering

NMP-2007-2.4-2 Nanostructured catalysts with tailor-made functional surfaces

NMP-2007-2.4-3 Renewable materials for functional packaging applications

NMP-2007-2.5-1 Novel materials tailored for extreme conditions and environments

NMP-2007-4.0-2 Application of new materials including bio-based fibres in high-added value textile products

NMP-2007-4.0-4 Substantial innovation in the European medical industry: development of nanotechnology-based systems for in-vivo diagnosis and therapy (in coordination with topic HEALTH-2007-2.4.1-7 and HEALTH-2007-1.2-3 in Theme 1 Health)