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I don't know who Raj Thackeray is: Jaya Bachchan

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Posted online: Sunday , February 03, 2008 at 04:09:00
Updated: Sunday , February 03, 2008 at 04:26:20

Mumbai, February 3: After Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray's attack on filmstar Amitabh Bachchan, the actor's wife and MP Jaya Bachchan hit out at him and said they were willing to start a school in the metropolis provided the MNS leader donated them the land.

"I heard that Raj Thackeray owns huge properties in Mumbai...Kohinoor Mills. If he is willing to donate land, we can start a school in the name of (Jaya's daughter-in-law) Aishwarya here," she said at a press conference.

Taking a dig at Raj Thackeray, whose party has been spearheading a campaign against migrants from north India living here, the Samajwadi Party MP said she "does not know who Raj Thackeray is".

"Bal Thackeray (Shiv Sena chief) is like a father to me and Uddhav (Sena Executive President) is his son. I don't know any other Thackeray," the actress-politician remarked.

Her reaction come close to Raj Thackeray's statement that Big B was more inclined towards his home state Uttar Pradesh than Maharashtra, where he attained stardom.

The Bachchans recently inaugurated a girls' school in the name of their daughter-in-law and actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at Barabanki in UP.

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Voilence instigated against Fellow Indians by Qaseem on 04 Feb 2008

I think Mr. Thakeray should not indulge in cheap publicity to rekindle his already dwindling fortunes by involving himself in politics of hate which has nowadays become a norm to garner votes. Remember Mr. Thakeray we are indians first and treat your fellow indians as brothers (oops i forgot u r not in good terms with your own brothers, what else can we expect from you)

Thackeray clan by a on 04 Feb 2008

Bombay sucks, and Thackeray clan sucks even more

PEACE by ROSEMARY on 03 Feb 2008

I'm very disappointed whatever happened in MUMBAI today.I dont understand y, people start fighting

Jaya and raj Thackery by Vijay on 03 Feb 2008

Either Mrs. B is so absorbed in her daily life or she is faking it, most probably the later. Mrs B, no pun intended, was a MP; for an MP not know Raj Thackery is impossible.

Big B by Varinnder Sarin on 03 Feb 2008

May be Mrs. Bachan does not know Raj Thackeray but what was the necessity for Amar Singh to call conference and put oil in the fire. If someone is responsible for current situation in Maharashtra, it is none other than Amar Singh who made a mountain of a mole hill. People may not have given importance to Raj's remarks on Amitabh Bachan but Amar Singh's cunning action of calling press conference has created all the mess and losers are poor north Indian Taxi drivers not Amar Singh. As a matter of Amar Singh is the bone of contention. Victim (Big B) is lazy but witness (Amar Singh) is active.

DO THAKREY OWNS MUMBAI? by True Mumbaiwala on 03 Feb 2008

uff these Thakreys, he claims to own Mumbai, and then wants others to care for Mumbai Why anyone else should think or care for Mumbai when GUNDA STYLE gang has ruined Mumbai, Mumbai has become a big TRASH BASKET, where ever you go, it smells of URINE, thanks to SHIVSENA AND CONGRESS both, it is full of criminal and narrow minded Marathas, who cant see beyond their own profit and TODAY

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