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I have been interested in slide rules from my college days when a K&E Decilon was my constant companion. The last twenty years or so have been dark ones for the slide rule aficionado. Slide rules and information about them seldom came to light until the advent of the Internet. This page is an attempt to share information about slide rules and images of them with any who may be at all interested.


Compass / Relay / SIC Slide Rule Archives

Dietzgen Slide Rule Archives

Keuffel & Esser Slide Rule Archives

Other Slide Rule Archives

Pickett Slide Rule Archives

Post/Sun/Hemmi Slide Rule Archives

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These pages are really for my own personal reference to the contents of my slide rule collection. I have designed them to load rapidly, to minimize my own personal wait time. Images load last and need not be waited for if slide rule specifications are all that is desired. Lack of bells and whistles are compensated for by rapid access. These ideas are from Philip Greenspun's book: "Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing" available on-line at

These are all slide rules from my collection or have otherwise personally examined. I have attempted to describe them according to my observations with a minimum of influence from other sources. Thus, there may be some uncertainty if I am unable to distinguish detail. I am able to tell wood from bamboo, but may not be able to distinguish mahogany from another hardwood.

Labelling of scales can be a problem as in the case of Pickett which often uses symbols for cube root or square root. I have arbitrarily chose 3RT and 2RT to represent these respectively. There also may be some deviation from what I consider to be standard labelling and I have noted this where possible. Otherwise, I have attempted to document the markings as accurately as possible.

I would like to have the best possible images to put on display, but I am limited by my skill and equipment. The images here are my best efforts to show important features of the slide rules I have collected. As such, I usually choose contrast and legibility over color accuracy.

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