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11 May 07

Landmark Decision For Poole Schools

Poole has taken the final decision to go ahead with ambitious plans to change the age of transfer for pupils going to secondary school in the Borough.

Following more than three years of extensive public consultation, the independent Schools Organisation Committee has approved proposals under Borough of Poole’s Schools for the Future project.

The decision means Borough of Poole will now go ahead with plans to adopt a single system of transfer for pupils between primary and secondary schools at the age of 11.

This will mean that, with exception of the Corfe Hills School link will open in new window pyramid, from September 2013:

  • pupils will transfer from primary to secondary school at the age of 11, rather than at the age of 12, as at present (aged 13 in the Corfe Hills School pyramid);
  • pupils will start secondary education in Year 7 at the start of Key Stage 3;
  • current first schools will become infant schools for pupils in Key Stage 1 (Reception to Year 2), aged 4 to 7;
  • current middle schools will become junior schools for pupils in Key Stage 2 (Year 3 to Year 6), aged 8 to 11;
  • current combined schools will become primary schools for pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2 (Reception to Year 6), aged 4 to 11.

The proposed changes to age of transfer will come into effect for pupils within the Corfe Hills School pyramid once funding has been secured for the capital costs of changes to the school buildings.

Borough of Poole’s Schools for the Future project is linked to the Government’s Building Schools for the Future link will open in new window (BSF) programme. In December 2006, the Department for Education and Skills link will open in new window announced that Poole, in partnership with Bournemouth, had been successful in a bid for funding to rebuild or refurbish seven schools, including Ashdown Technology College link will open in new window, Rossmore Community College link will open in new window and Winchelsea School. link will open in new window

Borough of Poole has already successfully secured £12 million from the Government’s Targeted Capital Bid (TCB) programme to extend and refurbish Poole Grammar School, Parkstone Grammar School and Poole High School.

John Nash, Strategic Director for Children and Young People’s Services, said: “The driving force behind this major project is to provide a better standard of education for all pupils and students in Poole. The changes will provide a simplified system which parents and carers can better understand, in line with the various Key Stages of the national curriculum, while also matching the system already provided both nationally and locally by our neighbours in Bournemouth.”

Cllr Mike White, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Schools for the Future, said: “Poole already ranks high nationally in terms of examination results, and this is down to the hard work of our schools, supported by the local authority. However, there is room for further improvement and these changes will help our schools achieve even higher standards.”

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