Ralph and Donna's Dance
a becket formation contra by David Kirchner

Circle left 3/4; pass though to next (8)
Swing new neighbor (8)

Long lines forward and back (8)
Ladies allemande left 3/4 to ladies from 1st foursome (4)
Two women balance; while balancing, form diagonal line consisting of these two ladies and their partners (4)

In diagonal line, hey for four (16)

Swing partner (16)

Notes: Written for the wedding of Ralph and Donna McAllister. Donna was a helpful mentor to me when I first began calling. This is a rather complex dance, but I have had good feedback from dancers. I strongly suggest anyone considering calling this dance thoroughly understand what happens at the ends first.

The original B2 had the ladies meeting again in the middle to gypsy before returning to swing their partners. Another possible variant is:

Ladies dance into the middle and form wavy line (4)
Balance line (4)
Ladies allemande 1/2 (4)
Balance (as above) (4)

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