The South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (TransLink) plans, finances implements and operates an integrated transportation system, with responsibility for major regional roads as well as public transit. Under a new governance model introduced in 2007, TransLink has the opportunity to expand services beyond Metro Vancouver, potentially reaching as far north as Pemberton and as far east as Hope, based on municipal agreements. We provide services through contractors and our wholly-owned subsidiaries such as Coast Mountain Bus Co., BCRTC (SkyTrain) and West Coast Express commuter rail.

Chief Executive Officer

The CEO runs TransLink, as directed by the board. The CEO, with the support of TransLink and subsidiary staff and contractors, is responsible for preparing plans and reports for approval by the board and for building and operating TransLink’s many transportation services in a manner that will allow TransLink to achieve its annual and long-term plans. These transportation services include the Major Road Network, SkyTrain, West Coast Express Ltd., Coast Mountain Bus Company, Canada Line, Golden Ears Bridge and all other contracts and services of the current TransLink.

Provincial Government

The provincial government also plays a critical role because it has the responsibility for the legislation that establishes TransLink and its governance system. It participates in setting a long-term provincial vision for transportation on the south coast and contributes funding for major projects.

Metro Vancouver (formerly Greater Vancouver Regional District)

Metro Vancouver continues to be responsible for the long-term growth management plan and the air quality plan of the region. TransLink is required to seek input from Metro Vancouver on its long range transportation plan and its borrowing limit increases.

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