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The EA-300SP is Extra’s single-seat version of the EA-300LP. The newest model of the aerobatic series, the EA-300SP is for the serious aerobatic and sport pilot. The aircraft features a lightweight oil cooling system, a sport carbon-fiber instrument panel, a lightweight avionics package and a Teflon hose kit with integrated fire sleeves. This latest model has all the design and built-in safety features of its predecessors, and has the unmatched JAA- and FAA-certification load factor to plus/minus 10G’s. It’s a thrilling ride.

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Seats   Single-seat, low-wing aerobatic monoplane
Aircraft Dimensions (ft)   L22 ft 10 in x W26 ft 3 in x H8 ft 7 in
Wing Area   111.9 sq ft/10.4 sq meters
FAA/EASA Certified Load Factor   +/- 10g
Never-exceed Speed (Vne)   220 kts
Maneuvering Speed   158 kts
Stall Speed at 1,543 lbs/700 kg   55 kts
Stall Speed at 2,095 lbs/950 kg   59 kts

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