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podPress is the ultimate WordPress plugin for Podcasters.

  • If you're a Podcaster and using WordPress, you need to install this plugin.
  • If you're a Podcaster that's not using WordPress, you may want to switch just for the fun of using PodPress.


What is it?

A dream plugin for Podcasters using WordPress. This plugin makes WordPress extremely Podcaster friendly and includes the following features.




Please suggest FeatureRequests that would make Podpress even better.



If you have ever installed a pluggin, then this will be pretty easy.

  1. Extract the files. podpress directory into


  1. If you're using WordPress 1.5, then you will need to use the replacement wp-rss2.php file that is provided. Look in the podpress/WP1.5_users/ directory
  2. Login to the Site Admin and go to Plugins and active podPress
  3. Then it can be configured from the Options menu. The config should be pretty straight forward, and it even has a preview of what your podcast would look like on iTunes.


Configure your Feed for Podcasting and preview what it will look like in iTunes Then add your mp3 filename or full URL to your post and podPress will add the enclosure tags to your RSS2 feed and show the player in the post
Image:podpress_screenshot_itunes.jpg Image:podpress_screenshot_post.jpg



WordPress is a fantastic Blogging platform and while it does have some Podcasting support, its just all that a Podcaster could want.

I searched around and found iPodCatter which is is a good start, for getting the iTunes support, but its just not a fully featured Podcasters pluggin.

I then found a VERY nice Flash mp3 player that I really liked.

With these two pluggins a a basis for me to learn how to write a pluggin for WordPress and for the core functionality I wanted, I created PodPress which is intended to be a full blown Podcasters Plugin for WordPress.

Get it, WordPress, PodPress? Heh, I crack myself up.