North Takoma Citizens Association

A community association for the residents of Takoma Park, MD, living on or north of Piney Branch Road.

March 18, 2008

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Check back here for upcoming events in North Takoma--but we don't update this often, so it's best to e-mail us at to find out what's going on.

     North Takoma is a diverse historic community dating back to the late 19th century.  The northern section of Takoma Park, MD, this community includes homes from virtually every decade of the 20th century; Jequie Park with a soccer field, pavilion and playground equipment; and Montgomery College.  Most of North Takoma is within the Takoma Park, MD, historic district.  The community association has met for decades and played an important role in maintaining the character of this neighborhood where children play in the streets and people walk to downtown Takoma Park to shop, enjoy the farmers market, take the Metro into D.C., or attend the many Takoma Park events.  North Takoma helped defeat the planned North Central Freeway which would have sent a six lane highway through the middle of this neighborhood central historic Takoma Park.  When Montgomery College attempted to demolish a number of Victorian homes, North Takoma preserved these homes which are now landmarks in our community.  North Takoma is working closely with Montgomery College as it grows and expands into south Silver Spring.  North Takoma is also the proud host of the annual Takoma Park Jazz Fest in Jequie Park.

     This web site contains information for and about North Takoma including events, resources and community information.  Residents of North Takoma can also join our listserve.  Please contact us if you have information for our neighborhood or are a new neighbor.  Just send a note to our webmaster, Mark Freedman, at

**Most links above are to pages that are not a part of or maintained by North Takoma.  The majority of these links are to pages that are part of the excellent City of Takoma Park, MD, website.**

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