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3 Commando Brigade to replace 16 Air Assault in Afghanistan

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8 Jul 08

3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines will replace 16 Air Assault Brigade in October 2008 as the lead formation of UK forces in Afghanistan, Defence Secretary Des Browne confirmed today, Tuesday 8 July 2008.

Engineers from 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines

Engineers from 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines, exit the rear of a Chinook helicopter during a training exercise (stock image)
[Picture: MOD]

3 Commando Brigade will command the majority of the units serving in Afghanistan. Their deployment is expected to last until April 2009.

The new force elements deploying under the command of 3 Commando Brigade will be either direct replacements for capabilities already in place in Afghanistan or comprise elements of the force level increases that were announced on 16 June 2008. See Related News >>>

Volunteer and Regular members of the Reserve Forces will continue to deploy to Afghanistan as part of the integrated force package, and we expect to have eventually issued in the order of 620 call-out notices to fill around 560 posts.

On completion of their mobilisation procedures, the Reservists will undertake a period of training and, where applicable, integration with their respective receiving units. The majority will serve on operations for six or so months, although some may have shorter deployments. As part of this commitment, we expect up to 25 members of the Sponsored Reserves to be in Theatre at any one time.

The new force elements deploying in October 2008 include: