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Middle Ages Scavenger Hunt

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1. Before the Middle Ages, the use of this animal was mainly for transportation and warfare. But during the Middle Ages, for the first time in history, this animal was used regularly for agriculture. Name the animal.

2. Let's use a primary source from the Middle Ages. When the pestilence (plague) ended, what did the author of this document say happened to the buildings in the villages and cities? Why should this information be believed?

3. Some people today think that alligators and crocodiles were placed in moats to help protect the castle from invaders. True or False? If true, from where were the animals brought? If false, what was really used in the moats?

4. For protection people in the Middle Ages formed communities called manors. Name the 4 most important things the manor included.

5. The people of the Middle Ages worked very hard, but they found time to relax, too. For entertainment, jesters, dancers and musicians performed in the safety of the castle. Choose a musical instrument from the list of those used during this time period. See what it looks like, listen to it and draw a sketch of its appearance. Does its sound remind you of anything you've heard in modern times? If yes, what? If no, tell what you thought when you listened.

6. The people living during the Middle Ages were divided into several classes. Name 4 groups within those classes. How was the class of a baby determined? Of the 6 requirements for civilization that we've used all year, what have we called this idea of classes?

7. Tournaments and jousts were held to test the courage and skills of the knights. Many knights were killed during these "practice" sessions. Did you know that many peasants also died during jousts? How could that happen, especially since the peasants didn't participate in the jousts?

8. How much did a good suit of armor weigh? Why were large horses more useful to knights?

9. Knights used a variety of weapons. List 6 different weapons knights would train with to use in battle. Circle the name of the knight's favorite weapon.

10. Did you know that rotten meat was often used by cooks when preparing meals? Cooks also killed the geese and chickens right in their kitchens! Clean, huh? Someone trying to kill the king often tried poisoning him by bribing someone in the kitchen. Name another job performed by the cook that had to do with these attempted poisonings?


How did a visiting knight tell his host what type of weapons he wished to use during the tournament?


Once your group has answered all questions, and you have carefully

checked your response sheet, hand it in.

The group with the largest number of correct answers will win a prize.


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