Duck Soup
a duple improper contra by David Kirchner

Circle right 3/4 (8)
Ladies dosido once; return to place and face out, forming long wavy lines (8)

Balance; spin to the right as in Rory O'More (8)
Balance; spin to the left as in Rory O'More (8)

Ladies guide gents into the middle; gents allemande left once (4)
Swing partner (12)

Long lines forward and back (8)
Ladies chain across (8)

Notes: As is usual for dances which include this figure, dancers must frequently be reminded to circle right. The dance was inspired by Erik Hoffman's very fine dance Missing Duck. I liked the dance tremendously, but felt it might not work well for less experienced crowds. What began as an attempt to modify his dance to make it easier ended up as something pretty different, but with hopefully similar spirit. Thus I feel justified in claiming it as my own, though I note Erik's influence with the title.

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