146.9100 MHz (-)

Callsign: W0EBE
Fordland, MO
PL 100.00


The repeater is a split antenna system with the receive antenna at 850 feet on the tower and the transmit antenna at 650 feet. The anntennas are Andrew DB-228 E and are positioned in the 11 db pattern. The hardline that is connected to the receive antenna is Andrew 1 1/4",the transmit antenna is fed with Andrew 1 5/8" cable. The repeater itself is comprised of two Vertex VX-4104 mobiles, TE Sytems 350 Watt amplifier, an Arcom RC-210 three port repeater controller. Additionally, to enhance performance of the repeater we added a DCI intermod filter, Par Electronics FM broadcast filter, and an Advanced Receiver research 24 Db gain preamp. NET HELD ON FRIDAY NIGHTS AT 8:00 PM ON THIS REPEATER. PL TONE 100 HZ

Nets on This Repeater

20:00:00 on 146.9100 (100.00/None) - SMARC Friday Night Net