145.2700 MHz (-)

Callsign: KC0LUN
Nixa, MO
PL 162.20


The 145.270 repeater utilizes a Motorola Micor unified chassis that acts as the "guts" of the repeater. The repeater, born in 1976, was transformed from a Public Safety tone remote base station to a bona fide repeater by Repeater Builder in 2003. The 500 mW exciter drives the continuous duty Micor PA to 123-Watts output into the duplexers, a set of 4-cavity DB-4060's. On the receive side, we also use the Micor receive board in tandem with the original audio and squelch boards. In addition, the original helical pre-amp was tuned to 144.670 MHz and gives us one of the hottest and most selective VHF receivers around. Squelch opens at 0.11 uV with 12 dB SINAD at about 0.15 uV and 20 dB SINAD at 0.25 uV. These measurements include the loss incurred going through the Polyphaser, patch cabling, and duplexers. The repeater itself does not rely on commercial power. It is powered by a huge Panasonic 28-volt battery bank. The repeater and battery bank are located inside a sturdy concrete, climate controlled building. Cellular carrier Alltel, who also has a site located on the water tower, provides the bank of batteries and building. NET HELD ON THURSDAY NIGHTS AT 7:30 PM.

Nets on This Repeater

19:30:00 on 145.2700 (162.20/None) - Nixa Amateur Radio Club NARC NET
20:00:00 on 145.2700 (162.20/None) - Bible Belt Christian Net