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(Graphics are actually larger and detailed. They are displayed here in scale to each other)

ad.gif (8428 bytes)
Destroyer Tender (AD)

ae.gif (3938 bytes)
Auxiliary Supply (Ammunition) (AE)

afs.gif (3945 bytes)
Auxiliary Supply (Combat Stores) (AFS)

agf.gif (4656 bytes)
Command and Control Ship (AGF)

Auxiliary Dry Cargo Carrier (T-AKE)

ao.gif (3414 bytes)
Auxiliary Supply (Oiler) (T-AO)

aor.gif (4622 bytes)
Auxiliary Supply (Oiler/Ammunition) (AOR)

aoe.gif (5853 bytes)
Auxiliary Supply (Fast Combat Stores) (AOE)

ars.gif (1710 bytes)ars2.gif (2464 bytes)
Auxiliary Rescue and Salvage (ARS)

as.gif (6779 bytes)
Submarine Tender (AS)

bb.gif (4270 bytes)
Battleship (BB)

cg.gif (4132 bytes)
cg2.gif (4064 bytes)
cg3.gif (3986 bytes)
Cruisers (CG and CGN)

cv.gif (8124 bytes)

cvn.gif (7166 bytes)
Aircraft Carrier (CV and CVN)

dd.gif (3987 bytes)
ddg.gif (4008 bytes)
ddg2.gif (4033 bytes)
Destroyers (DD and DDG)

ff.gif (3116 bytes)
ffg.gif (3069 bytes)
Frigate (FF and FFG)

lcc.gif (5953 bytes)
Command and Control Ship (LCC)

lha.gif (6706 bytes)
lhd.gif (6179 bytes)
lph.gif (5203 bytes)
Landing Ship Helicopter Assault (LHA, LHD, and LPH)

lpd.gif (4656 bytes)
lsd.gif (4578 bytes)

Landing Ship Platforms (LPD and LSD)

lst.gif (3393 bytes)
Landing Ship Tank (LST)

mcm.gif (1911 bytes)mhc.gif (1664 bytes)
Mine Hunter/Countermeasures (MCM and MHC)

pc.gif (1401 bytes)
Coastal Patrol Craft (PC)

ssn.gif (1117 bytes)
ssn2.gif (1785 bytes)
Attack Submarine (SSN)