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Common Sense:
  · reverse sprawl of federal
  · reduce earmarks
  · lower taxes
  · secure America’s borders
  · restore our fiscal health
  · encourage individual
  · respect private property
     & free markets
  · uphold the value of
     human life

New Items:

   · Taxes
   · Energy Security
   · Immigration

Upcoming Events:
   · Parade walkers?

    Love is making a commitment and having the willingness to accept the sacrifices and inconveniences necessary to keep that commitment. This is true whether we are talking about another person, nation or society.

Our forbearers came embracing a new spirit of responsibility. They built a representative form of government in which we are duty bound to participate. We now have a responsibility to follow their lead and build a more perfect union based on their example - not a celebration of diversity, but rather the assimilation of diverse ideas, and with it the people they represent.

Local communities, synagogues, mosques and churches once built the hospitals and schools required for a living, vibrantcommunity. Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work to provide for a new generation of rugged Americans with a sense of commitment to the nation and the culture that our forefathers built and left in our care.

Let us stop apologizing for our nation. We must renew our commitment to this country, as our generation, like our forefathers is being tested seeing whether this nation "so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure." We must love our country and do the hard work that is necessary to pass this test.

Thank you!

Barb Davis White

P.S. Please take a moment today and make out your check to Barb Davis White for Congress.