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Last Updated: July 10, 2008 12:48 AM

SLIPKNOT: 'All Hope Is Gone' Artwork Revealed - July 8, 2008
The final artwork for the new SLIPKNOT album, "All Hope Is Gone", can be viewed below.

Apple's iTunes music store is currently accepting pre-orders for "All Hope Is Gone" featuring four bonus tracks, including one that will be made available exclusively to those customers who pre-order the CD.

The track listing for "All Hope Is Gone":

01. .execute.
02. Gematria (The Killing Name)
03. Sulfur
04. Psychosocial
05. Dead Memories
06. Vendetta
07. Butcher's Hook
08. Gehenna
09. The Cold Black
10. Wherein Lies Continue
11. Snuff
12. All Hope is Gone

Special Edition Tracks:

13. Child of Burning Time (Bonus Track)
14. Vermillion Pt. 2 (Bloodstone Mix) (Bonus Track)
15. Til We Die (Bonus Track)
16. iTunes Exclusive Track [Pre-Order Only]

"All Hope Is Gone" will arrive on August 26 via Roadrunner Records. The title track was made available last month, while "Psychosocial" arrived at rock radio last week.

SLIPKNOT's video for "Psychosocial" will premiere on MTV's "F'N MTV" program on Friday, July 18 at 8:00 p.m. EST.

As previously reported, SLIPKNOT nearly had to cancel the video shoot for "Psychosocial" on June 30 when band DJ Sid Wilson was hospitalized with a head injury before the shoot. According to the U.K.'s Kerrang! magazine, percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan explained, "Sid's building himself a studio downtown and got attacked by a door knob. Now he's got five staples in his head." Crahan himself was almost hurt during a recent photo shoot when the floorboards of an abandoned shack collapsed underneath him.

Injuries are common for the members of SLIPKNOT, especially during the band's intense, highly physical live shows. Crahan told The Pulse of Radio that he's compiled a long list of wounds from his job. "You know, for me it's always my face," he said. "Cuts in my eyes, cuts in my face and cuts in my hands. Broken bones, broken fingers, broken arms, clavicles, ACLs, pelvic bones, tailbones, ribs, vertebraes...injuries go on, but every band's got that. I don't like to really glorify it, as much as I like to just say, 'This is real.'"

SLIPKNOT revealed their new masks on July 1 with an exclusive set of photos at Described as "creepy" and "intricate," some of the nine band members' masks have changed considerably, while others have been altered only a little.

Frontman Corey Taylor's mask has undergone the most drastic and disturbing change, now looking like it's made of "dried human flesh," as put it. Crahan has built lots of leather and zippers into his disguise, calling to mind the "Gimp" from the movie "Pulp Fiction", while drummer Joey Jordison has added a crown of black thorns to his design.

SLIPKNOT reportedly rarely cleans their masks, despite the band's claims that they bleed, sweat and vomit into them during concerts.

SLIPKNOT will co-headline the Rockstar Energy Mayhem tour this summer with DISTURBED. The trek kicks off on July 9 in Seattle.

To report any abusive, obscene, defamatory, racist, homophobic or threatening comments, or anything that may violate any applicable laws, please send an e-mail to with pertinent details. Anyone posting such material will be immediately and permanently banned. IP addresses are recorded to aid us in enforcing these conditions.
posted by : GODSMACKER
7/8/2008 9:52:50 PM

That is fuckin Sicccccccccccccccc!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COMMENT | hmmm
posted by : Squeeky
7/8/2008 9:54:02 PM

bit of an anticlimax, but far better than the horrible artwork for Vol 3. Is this meant to be a throwback to the selftitled album cover? Like maybe saying the band has come full circle?

Anyway, looking forward to hearing this album.

posted by : blackXmetalXcore
7/8/2008 9:55:16 PM

looks pretty cool

COMMENT | Well..
posted by : Jesterwolf316
7/8/2008 10:04:43 PM

Just breaking this down... Corey looks fucking scary, like some demonic scarecrow. Everyone else is kind just standing there....

Yeah, I did think it was a throwback to the Self Titled, but it also reminds me of the inset of "Iowa".

Ehhhhh.... 6/10, at best.

COMMENT | oh my
posted by : monstro
7/8/2008 10:04:50 PM


no surprise what so freaking ever

posted by : David Died Yesterday
7/8/2008 10:05:44 PM

God Slipknot suck.

posted by : UFCBanned
7/8/2008 10:10:07 PM



posted by : warwick515
7/8/2008 10:10:19 PM

thats sick
kinda reminds me of Iowa.
Can't wait.
fuck you haters.

posted by : phatman
7/8/2008 10:10:22 PM

posted by : David Died Yesterday
7/8/2008 10:05:44 PM

God Slipknot suck.

so does your mother and we're all nice to her...

COMMENT | not gonna lie
posted by : cheating on my right hand with my left hand
7/8/2008 10:13:53 PM

pretty crappy artwork

posted by : Fani Dilth
7/8/2008 10:16:17 PM

The dude in the very back got jacked in the photo. All you see is his beanie little head popping out of the center doodie's head.

COMMENT | ... ...
7/8/2008 10:21:46 PM

posted by : Fani Dilth
7/8/2008 10:16:17 PM
The dude in the very back got jacked in the photo. All you see is his beanie little head popping out of the center doodie's head.

That will be re-corrected with the RoadrunneR special collectors platnium edition, probably in digi-crap, i mean digi-pack (cheap cardboard)

COMMENT | not bad
posted by : chocolate covered testicles
7/8/2008 10:27:07 PM

They should have been much closer though. I personally like coreys new mask, its different.

COMMENT | My bad
7/8/2008 10:27:12 PM

There is a special edition going to be at the pressing plant the same time as the first pressing ??

..."Special Edition Tracks:

13. Child of Burning Time (Bonus Track)
14. Til We Die (Bonus Track)
15. Vermillion Pt. 2 (Bloodstone Mix) (Bonus Track)
16. iTunes Exclusive Track [Pre-Order Only]"

posted by : Blackenistheyend
7/8/2008 10:27:57 PM

Slipknot blows hard

posted by : David Died Yesterday
7/8/2008 10:32:18 PM

Slipknot is about as metal as Nickelback.

Enjoy your new commercialized radio rock!

COMMENT | fuck the haters
posted by : FunnyYetDangerous
7/8/2008 10:47:08 PM

you probally live in your moms basement asshole so fuck off so suck your dads cock while i am fucking your mother

COMMENT | bitches....
posted by : OpetherA
7/8/2008 10:53:14 PM

Whats this "Haters" thing.

Leave that expresion to the hip hop cocksucking bastards, very well you know that is such a none metal expresion haha.
But yeah, guess you cant get the hip out of trying to stay with the latest supper dupper things.

posted by : nick 1217
7/8/2008 10:57:28 PM

Yeah fuck all the haters. They probably listen to Britney Spears while jacking off to Fred Durst pictures.

Anyway, the new masks are meh. Corey's looks like shit now imo. He used to look like a serial killer, now he looks like a damn sex offender. Clown's is sweet and so is Joey's. Not much of a change for the rest though......

COMMENT | I used to hate Slipknot
posted by : 69trim
7/8/2008 11:02:16 PM

but now I actually like them a bit. I just bought their 1st self titled studio album this past week and downloaded "Iowa" back when it came out. I've heard the singles from "Volume 3" and the "All Hope Is Gone" single. All in all, I say it's not the best, but it's still a million times better than this shitcore black metal, etc. that seems to be so in style right now. At least you can feel the emotion in the music and lyrics and it rocks pretty fuckin' hard. I'd rather hear that than some pussy growling like a retarded ass monster over chords that have no rhyme or reason whatsoever and just sounds like blank noise...just my two cents....and for the ones who will surely reply to this negatively, in advance, I say, FUCK YOU!

COMMENT | Pretty cool....
posted by : lundtheconqueror
7/8/2008 11:08:24 PM

Not the best cover ever (especially with all the drama and hype on this), but pretty damn cool, nonetheless.

COMMENT | Nickelknot
posted by : 69trim
7/8/2008 11:09:14 PM

posted by : David Died Yesterday
7/8/2008 10:32:18 PM

Slipknot is about as metal as Nickelback.

Enjoy your new commercialized radio rock!


Gorgoroth, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth and all the other shit bands I am most certain you look up to are about as metal as the diahrrea that came out of my infant daughter's ass!

Enjoy your fuckin' noise that cannot be understood at all that you think is so much more hardcore than this....retard!

posted by : madeinquebec
7/8/2008 11:11:33 PM

Can't wait to buy the DIGIPAK, not the stupid shit first release.
Eat my shorts RRR.

posted by : NugMidsShwag
7/8/2008 11:13:35 PM

Wow that is some great fucking "artwork" did van gogh do that cover?

COMMENT | It comes down to this:
posted by : proudlikeagod
7/8/2008 11:17:53 PM

Don't like 'em? don't listen to them. That's pretty simple.

The haters need to support any and all metal because they are killing the genre from within. I may not dig the growling chugga chugga metal but I sure as hell am not going to put it (or their fans) down. Who the hell am I to judge what you should like? Those that CHOOSE to shit on other metal fans need a temporary paralytic shot in the mouth to just SHUT UP. You know who you are and we know who you are. Love metal or leave it. There's a bandwagon coming along sometime soon, so pack your bags and get the hell out of here.

COMMENT | Nickelknot
posted by : Caz_TalliCa
7/8/2008 11:19:23 PM

I love it when people say something like that. Especially referring to it as "noise." You immediately show your ignorance. Btw, i don't hate slipknot. But Behemoth could play slipknot with three members, slipknot cant play behemoth with 9 members. You are BOTH retards.

posted by : Caz_TalliCa
7/8/2008 11:21:47 PM

Oh and "growling chuggah chuggah." Please tell me you are referring to Slipknot.

COMMENT | i can't believe people still listen this crap
posted by : metalucifer
7/8/2008 11:22:35 PM

kiddos ... don't waste your valuable hears on this pathetic hot topic wannabe metal masked
now excuse me i'll continue listen blind guardian and kreator

posted by : Devil in your Sister
7/8/2008 11:23:34 PM

I saw them in concert last year (by accident; they followed LOG). I coldn't believe my ears. Corey Taylor was "RAPPING" over the mic. The DJ was throwing some bullshit samples to cover up the fact that the other 12 guys couldn't hold down the song. It was blasphemy, just not in a good way.

As for the art, they look really scary. I would love to pull a fucking peice and watch these "scary" serial killer wannabees piss themselves. Their frauds. Only children buy into this bullshit.

COMMENT | ^^ lol
posted by : chocolate covered testicles
7/8/2008 11:27:41 PM

Are you in Slipknot? I bet Joey, Mick, and Paul from SLipknot could pull off any Behemoth song as good as the next band, Just because they dont play as extreme as Behemoth and other bands doesnt mean they are not talented.....Dont get me wrong I love Death Metal too and there are millions of bands more talented than Slipknot, but there are also Bands and musicians more talented than Behemoth as well....get the picture...Like what you like, and leave the rest alone..

COMMENT | Oh, ....
posted by : Devil in your Sister
7/8/2008 11:28:32 PM

And other frads.

COMMENT | Shitknot is an embarrassment to real metal
posted by : WillieNelson'sG-string
7/8/2008 11:32:58 PM

They look like a bunch of clowns on their way to a 6 year olds birthday party. There ought to be a little car in the background of that 'artwork' then they'd look like they just climbed out of it. You all do know that the singer is a black dude, right? Not very "metal" to me, sorry. It's like Vanilla Ice trying to be a "gangsa" rapper. Their music sounds like cookie monster music. Lame. They give anybody record deals these days

COMMENT | Looks great
posted by : Against
7/8/2008 11:34:14 PM


COMMENT | hey metalucifer..
posted by : mrzumm
7/8/2008 11:38:57 PM

kreator??????????? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!!! HOLY F*CKING SH*T!!!! and you're criticizing OTHER people's taste in music???? hey pompous windbag fuck, if someone wants to be a slipknot fan what fucking business of yours is it? and with recommendations like that, what in the fuck makes you think you have any room to talk shit on anybody else??? it doesn't matter if i'm a slipknot fan or not, if you don't like 'em go read a different article, douchebag!!!

oh, and "devil in your sister",
i have no doubt you've never held a "peice" in your life, wouldn't know a fraud if it smacked your n'sync loving ass in the face, and if slipknot played AFTER LOG, and you hate 'em so much, why did you stick around?? oh, yeah. because you're full of shit.

COMMENT | mrmomm...
posted by : Devil in your Sister
7/8/2008 11:43:29 PM

I sat through two songs. you gotta give em a chance to hang themselves, which they did.

By the way, I am paid to carry a piece, have been for years. And spotting a fraud comes as second nature in my line of work. So go crawl back under your mother's skirt little boy. You take this column way to personal, you must be a maggot of twelve or thirteen. I bet your wearing hot topic gear as we speak.

posted by : cma3585
7/8/2008 11:54:19 PM

Corey Taylor is a black dude? Lol Wut?

posted by : Plan B
7/9/2008 12:07:11 AM

I can't believe some shittarts still complain about Slipknot.

Get a life. Or buy one.

posted by : wastedthelight
7/9/2008 12:16:28 AM

looks more like it should be under the CD when you pop it out...not very coverish.

COMMENT | My Hope Is Not Gone!
posted by : Lecramadema
7/9/2008 12:20:55 AM

Well that's a dark artwork LOVE IT VERRY MUCH.

I think they will surprise us more with the new stage and so on.

I hope they will reveil more songs....and to all the complainers who are never satisfied.....GET OFF YOUR MOM"S TIT BIG BABY.

COMMENT | WillieNelson'sG-string
posted by : teknowhore
7/9/2008 12:23:27 AM

"You all do know that the singer is a black dude, right? Not very "metal" to me, sorry."

1. Corey Taylor is white.

2. You're obviously some hick fuckhead who's not only stupid as hell, but racist, too. You're basically saying black people don't belong in metal....I bet you think that about Jews, Asians, and every other race but whites you goddamn supremacist Hilter loving bastard. People like you make me sick, you belong in a concentration camp somewhere.

posted by : Hotdog Fingers
7/9/2008 12:24:07 AM

Devil in your sister:

The only piece you got is your pecker. I would take your "piece" and bend it superman. Then I would slap you around like a little boy.

COMMENT | You just want to touch my piece.
posted by : Devil in your Sister
7/9/2008 12:41:00 AM

I'll let you, provided of course you have a vagina.

COMMENT | Um....
posted by : Slipallica777
7/9/2008 12:48:33 AM

HOLY FUCKIN' SHIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!! Fuck u haters!!!!!!!!!!!!

COMMENT | sh%tknot is an embarrassment to real metal
posted by : metalucifer
7/9/2008 12:50:42 AM

embarrassment for metal community
embarrassment for themselves in the way they dress
mr zumm when kreator recorded the first album Your mama was not even planning to have have sex with your daddy
KREATOR don't need use that stupids halloween masks
mixing hip hop and acting like poisoned cats at the stage
i don't care what kind of music you listen to but i not going to bash your heroes good challotte, devil wear prada and 50 cents
if i post here if you don't like it so don't read it newby
you got enough Punishment listen this crap to wish you a rapid death
he he

COMMENT | did you really say that metalucifer?
posted by : cheftorin
7/9/2008 1:22:23 AM

You really called that dude a newbie? I could give a crap what you guys are arguing about, while you "flame" each other on some thread, but you called him "newbie" and thas funny to me. Why didn't you finish up, by saying you totally "poned" him in WOW with your Dwarf arcaic magic spells or whatever.

All kidding aside I like the new stuff. I guess I'm some "newb" as well but come on how many people above the age of 30 are actually arguing on a online thread?

posted by : BloodGutter
7/9/2008 1:33:18 AM

ATTN: 12 year olds from Slipknot fan site forums, please stop telling people on a METAL NEWS WEBSITE to go listen to Britney Spears and all that shit. what are you retarded? actually don't answer that...

Bashing bands way better than Slipknot proves my point. Now go back to the "maggot pit" or wherever the fuck you came from

PS: A press photo with some random numbers and a faded logo is not ALBUM ARTWORK.

posted by : SaviorSorrow666
7/9/2008 1:55:13 AM

is with you people, if you don't like slipknot don't post here plain and simple, everyone likes different music. i just don't understand when you people who hate this band or any band for that matter would bother to come in here and post stupid ass shit about them just to get a rise out of other people who enjoy their music. yeah everyone has an opinion, i know. but sometimes some things i just better left unsaid. anyways the artwork looks pretty cool, it does remind me of the s/t album cover, i was thinking too, their is talks that slipknot is calling it quits after this album and touring cycle that follows. does anyone else think that slipknot purposely had this done to signify that? i mean their first album had them all in a group on it now this album does too. and also if you take the ALL HOPE away from the label on the side it leaves SLIPKNOT IS GONE.... i don't know just makes me think

COMMENT | and...
posted by : adramelech
7/9/2008 2:23:44 AM

the tradition of stupid artworks is being well kept. Congratulations!!

p.s. I like Slipknot

posted by : diabolical
7/9/2008 2:32:16 AM

CHildren of the corn(y) :)

COMMENT | does remind me of the s/t cover
posted by : metaljohn99
7/9/2008 2:37:08 AM

just to disagree with the 2nd poster i thought the vol. 3 cover art was killer. to the poster that said there should be a clown car in the back. that was some funny shit dude.

now down to bussiness are the bonus tracks actually gonna be on the disc or do we have to wait for the stupid digipack.thats just lame.

np - dave matthews band - typicacal situation

COMMENT | Long time coming
posted by : DeadFeti
7/9/2008 2:50:35 AM

Ive waited a loooooooooooong time to actually create an account on Blabbermouth, mostly cause I didnt want to get into this bashing bullshit that is so prevalent here, but this feed is the last straw. Ive never been a big fan of Slipknot, though I do think they put on a good show at times. Im more into what some on here would call "real" metal. But more importantly, Im a lover of all music, and Ive never seen so much hate and filth spewed from any other genre, yes even rap, than is spewed on this site towards our fellow Metal Brethren. What dont you guys understand about our music, and more importantly, our lives?! I'd put money on the fact that Metal is the reason that all of us are even still alive today! Metal is what separates us from the rest of the sheep out there that follow what theyre told to listen. Metal is what makes us strong in the face of real shit talkers. Metal is why we live. And yet I come to this site day after day and watch our community eat itself from inside fighting over what band is "real" and what band is "posing" (what is this the fucking 90s grunge movement and skateboarding we're talking about?) I dont care what you think is real Metal, I just know that when Im walking down the street and I see a person I know if they listen to Metal or not, and that means that I know that they share something VERY deep and personal with me that 99% of the world will never understand.
Please, Stop fighting amongst yourself about some stupid bullshit that will never matter in the long run. All that will matter 10, 20, or 100 years from now is that Metal is still going fucking STRONG, and that our great grand kids are thanking us in retrospect for keeping it alive.

Horns \m/

posted by : laz
7/9/2008 3:10:07 AM

I don't really care what anyone thinks of my opinion on Slipknot's music, and nor should I care what you think either. However, the thread is about the artwork, so that's what I'm going to give my opinion on.

I don't like it.

I think it's weak and a massive backwards step.

It looks like a retrospect to the s/t cover, however that had a MUCH more sinister and evil look about it, this ones just a bunch of guys in a field that resembles a dead version of a Windows background.

It's a backwards step from Vol. 3's cover, that had a much cooler and twisted look to it also, especially colour-wise.

Overall, I think it lacks entirely of any 'real' creativity. It's an ok photo and that's as far as it goes. I actually wouldn't be surprised if they said it was a fake and that the "REAL" cover is soon to be released.

Considering how much planning went into the whole surprise of the maks and whatever, they were better off putting a picture of one of those 'large head' masks - which where better photos in my opinion - than this photo, which is a large disappointment.

I'm hoping the music itself is not as much of a disappointment as this cover.

It's my opinion anyway, noone really cares but hey, I'm going to say it anyway!

posted by : blasgaroth
7/9/2008 3:14:51 AM

I used to like Slipknot, and I have never had any problem with them, like most people do.

This artwork looks pretty cool. It's just not the type of cover im used to, with the band on it. Kinda egomaniacal.

COMMENT | DeadFeti
posted by : BrunoMacD
7/9/2008 3:17:32 AM

Nice try, dude. I agree with you 100%. Unfortunately, whereas other threads (apart from the Metallica ones which are always the fucking same) are often used entertainingly for arguing the merits of the music, Slipknot always seems to attract folks keen to tell fans of the band what idiots they are AS IF THEY'RE THE FIRST PEOPLE TO EVER POINT OUT THAT THEY WEAR MASKS. Unfortunately I fear this will continue throughout the life of this album

Back on topic: I agree with Laz about the artwork, but the music has been killer so far so I ain't writing 'em off just yet

Have a good day y'all

COMMENT | .....
posted by : nemesisnz666
7/9/2008 3:37:26 AM

That pic fuckin rules. really lovin the new mask. Oh and information to all you so called "metal" fans out there. Whether its behemoth, deicide, slipknot or whatever metal. it still is metal. Who the fuck are you to judge whats metal. And whoever calls them frauds you are fuckin hypocrite. Personally your the fraud due to the fact that you claim your a metalhead you fucking dolt. Plus you idiots that come on here flaming slipknot on there news feed thinking your high and mighty opinions are the epitamy of the music industry. Its because people like you that cause bands to be the way they are. your the rhetorics. and you haters just need to bite the bullet or shut the fuckin hell up and develop a music career.

posted by : EvilPat
7/9/2008 4:07:53 AM

It looks more like a photo inside the booklet than a cover, but I like it. Its something different to all other covers in metal.

posted by : smanicom
7/9/2008 4:14:17 AM

Fuck! Never knew there were 9 people in this band!!
Clearly a case of "too many cooks...(or cocks)"

posted by : EVL666
7/9/2008 4:28:15 AM

what an awfull cover, only the most egocentric bands have their own picture on the album cover

COMMENT | weird
posted by : NUKE7000
7/9/2008 4:32:34 AM

the cover looks like it should have been placed behind the actual cd, this looks out of place for an album cover

posted by : gothicgrin
7/9/2008 5:12:32 AM

Heard the 2 new songs & was quite surprised, sounded pretty good..........but, this cover 'artwork', well I wouldn't even call it artwork as it lacks anything imagnitive & doesn't do the songs Ive heard any justice.
As someone else has already said it will no doubt receive a couple more versions which will boast super new artwork with extra DVD etc.....

posted by : EvilPat
7/9/2008 5:36:19 AM

"Quote: what an awfull cover, only the most egocentric bands have their own picture on the album cover"

hahaha, remember the Limp Biskit cover with Fred Durst on the cover? That cover should have get a nomination! Worst cover artwork ever!

posted by : Iced-Earth
7/9/2008 5:59:47 AM

I'm hungry... brb

posted by : TheGreyArea
7/9/2008 6:52:33 AM

Gah! Just loose the mask thing already and focus on the sound (which I'll say, was actually coming along really well on the last LP)

Good on em' though. Bringing a bit of a trad' edge back to the mainstream. AND my kid loves em'

COMMENT | I hate the term METAL
posted by : mastronaut
7/9/2008 7:15:51 AM

it sounds as stupid as the posters on this fucking site....

posted by : SonatArcticA
7/9/2008 7:32:53 AM

which one of the 30 Slipknot band members was holding the camera?

COMMENT | WillieNelson'sG-string
posted by : NeonBlack2112
7/9/2008 9:20:21 AM

You all do know that the singer is a black dude

wow your really stupid arent you
you know he hes not black because you have seen him unmasked before in stone sour.

posted by : The Fractal Illusion
7/9/2008 9:53:43 AM

I think this is just a "teaser". I'd be willing to bet this is only the inlay card.

COMMENT | technowhore
posted by : jondavluc
7/9/2008 9:59:18 AM

hick? thats discrimination by your definition look his comment wasn't even racist all he said was black? dude wtf? thats really small racism if you ask me he just sounded more like a retard to me less of racist anyways you jumped to conclusion that he was a hick which usually means redneck or South American and its a derogatory term you dumb bitch or asshole (if your a man your name needs change right now). So stop bad mouthing a one discrimination when your being discriminatory by calling him a hick just because he has willie nelson in his name doesn't mean his a hick

seriously people stop getting your brains from the two for one kmart sale especially slipknot fans who use the word hater when they talk about people who hate slipknot. people it makes it sound like you being discriminated like being called a hick(techno whore!) it sounds dumb lets face it slipknot is nu metal shit and no one is stopping you from liking them no one is making you stop listening to them so stop being babies and except criticism because they can say what there want. When they want p.s black metal sucks as well and so does everyone music taste sucks except mine trust me scientific fact

posted by : A.Dizzle1986
7/9/2008 10:40:27 AM


posted by : TheEagle
7/9/2008 11:17:19 AM

How evil to stand dressed like a scarecrow in a Iowa field....

posted by : NeonBlack2112
7/9/2008 11:23:12 AM

p.s black metal sucks as well and so does everyone music taste sucks except mine trust me scientific fact

and what bands do you listen to

posted by : lt_mcg_666
7/9/2008 12:17:51 PM

" if you dont like us... dont fucking listen to us.
Its as simple as that.

We play what we want to play... we do what we want to do.
Now fuck off.".
~m. shawn crahan~
aka Clown

COMMENT | 9 pointed star... 9 members...
posted by : BOTTLESLAP
7/9/2008 12:54:32 PM


they'll prolly have that star symbol painted, printed, or whatever, on the stage.

COMMENT | and yes...
posted by : BOTTLESLAP
7/9/2008 12:56:19 PM

whomever said that it looks like backcover artwork, i concur.

COMMENT | that is rad..
posted by : papercut princess
7/9/2008 1:09:52 PM

awesome album cover,cant wait for the new cd
it's gonna be sic
and haters: just fuck off,we don't care if you hate slipknot,we don't want to hear your insults or whiny complaints, and we will listen to slipknot if we want to,don't tell us what to listen to if we want to hear "real" metal,it gets so annoying,personally i dont give a shit what you listen to,

COMMENT | Music Video!
posted by : steven_peanut
7/9/2008 2:52:02 PM

I Wonder if they'll Play The Music Video At The Show In Phoenix This will be Sick I can't wait this'll be my first time ever seeing SLIPKNOT! Maggot 4LIFE!!!

posted by : Darkstar9
7/9/2008 3:13:18 PM

Personally I could care less about a cover I just want the brutal tracks. Hopefully they rebound nicely from a watered down 'Vol.3' album.

COMMENT | Teknowhore
posted by : WillieNelson'sG-string
7/9/2008 3:28:04 PM

I know Corey is white, I was kidding but he is a wigger. You can't deny that. You can't be a rapper/metal singer at the same time. It's soo unmetal. It's one or the other which proves a lot of ppl's point here that they are nu-metal wannabe popular flavor of the month for ppl who can't think for themselves. Shitknot has been shoved down your brainwashed throat by greedy record exec's but you don't see it. Step outta the fumes cityboy.

AND you call me a racist but yet you're quick to be racist towards me by calling me a hick. Well, guess what city pussy? I'm proud to be a 'hick' 'cause it's levels above inner-city nimrods like you. People in the country are smarter than you, stronger than you, & school know-it-all-city dumb retreads like you everytime you come to the country. You cannot compete & don't believe the stereo-typical bullshit that has been placed upon us by liberals & minorities that obviously are threatened by us. You will find very quickly that it's just propaganda when you're around a good ol' boy just like me. I'm not a racist, I'm a realist but you're obviously just too city smart to figure out the difference! Slipknot licks monkey gnuts.

posted by : Necrolicious
7/9/2008 3:49:16 PM

This will most likely be yet another "experimental" disaster from Slipknot. We all know Corey's voice is shot, so it's only natural for him to replace the truly heavy shit with his whiney, melodic Stone Sour bullshit. Vol. 3 was pathetic, and so was their live album. Think back to their self-titled album. For virtual nobodies, that album packed quite a punch. Now, fast forward to Vol. 3 and give that a listen. Notice anything different? Yeah, there's darker imagery and lyrics, but the intensity is gone. Whenever a band says it's their most "experimental" or "brutal" offering, it usually means "We're done."

COMMENT | This band needs...
posted by : RustyShackleford
7/9/2008 4:53:48 PM

more members in it! Jackasses!!

COMMENT | it never said
posted by : Twistorted_Jack
7/9/2008 5:36:30 PM

it was the cover.

7/9/2008 5:46:43 PM


posted by : goodwin
7/9/2008 7:31:41 PM

I remember back in 1999 being in the 8th grade and being 14 years old, the masks got me into getting their self-titled album and having the Ozzfest hyped they just exploded. Nevertheless, not even hearing a glimpse of their music, the masks got me curious of buying the cd. The self-titled was pretty good for its time, But, I never gotten Iowa and just lost interest of the singing parts from that Resident Evil soundtrack song what ever it's called on MTV. I do want to put this down, what if they never wore masks would this band be as big what they're now? I also want to put that Corey's vocals are not even the same as the first album.

COMMENT | Slipknot rocks
posted by : SlipknotSick85
7/9/2008 9:54:45 PM

man the new slipknot album cover is fuckin sick I can't fuckin wait

COMMENT | mrzumm
posted by : Against
7/9/2008 10:38:23 PM

Kreator kill Slipknot dead.
Slipknot=watered down nu "death" metal for the masses, aka TOTAL SHIT.
But that artwork is alright, I'm objective.

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