Chris LaCivita, Consultant

Chris LaCivita is an independent political consultant specializing in general campaign strategy, media planning voter contact mail, and grassroots activity. LaCivita has served a wide variety of clients, from the Majority Leader of the United States Senate, Bill Frist, to the United States Chamber of Commerce, where he developed and implemented their 2004 Federal Issue Advocacy efforts in several key states.

With the US Chamber, LaCivita developed their overall issue advocacy strategy and was responsible for devising and coordinating polling, television and direct mail strategies in conjunction with the Chambers extensive grassroots operation in South Carolina for Rep. Jim Demint and John Thune in South Dakota.

In the historic 2002 election cycle, LaCivita was National Political Director and Director of Issue Advocacy for the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), under the leadership of Senator Bill Frist (R-TN). LaCivita was responsible for the day to day management and implementation of the NRSCs $70 million issue advocacy campaign. This included nearly $60 million in purchased air time, and over 155 individual "issue ads" for 17 different campaigns. LaCivita was also responsible for implementing polling, mail and phone programs in conjunction with his regional political staff. In 2002, Republicans captured control of the United States Senate, the first time in American history a "party in power" took control of the Senate.

In the 2000 election cycle, LaCivita was campaign manager of George Allen’s successful bid for the United States Senate. In a $10 million race, the Allen campaign unseated a 12 year incumbent with a 4.6 point win. It was the only successful Republican Senate challenger race in the country. In late 2000, LaCivita was honored by PR WEEK magazine as running the best managed campaign in the country.

Prior to leading the Allen campaign, LaCivita was executive director of the Republican Party of Virginia, where for the first time since Reconstruction, the GOP successfully captured control of both the State House and State Senate, and in the 1997 election cycle, completed the first sweep of all three of its state-wide offices.

LaCivita served as Political Director for former Governor George Allen, as well as Assistant Secretary of Administration, a cabinet post in which he had oversight of five state agencies. LaCivita also worked on George Allen’s campaign for Governor in 1993 and Congress in 1991.

LaCivita has lectured on Politics at the Kennedy School of Government, the Jepson School of Government and taught a course at Regent University on campaign management for two years. He is a 1989 Graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University.

Before entering politics, LaCivita served in the United States Marine Corps achieving the rank of Sergeant, seeing extensive action in the first Gulf War and was wounded in combat and decorated twice. He resides in Midlothian, Virginia, with his wife Catherine, daughter Victoria and son Christopher Jr.

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