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Haley Bennett
Birthplace:Naples, Florida
Residence:Los Angeles, California
MySpace:Click here
Haley Bennett is a promising young actress, singer and songwriter originally from Naples, Florida. She moved to Los Angeles after high school with her mother to pursue an acting career, and soon landed the role of Cora Corman in the film Music & Lyrics co-starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant.

While Music & Lyrics allowed her to demonstrate her vocal talents, Haley insists that her true style is far different from the Cora character. This will be evident in her upcoming album.

Haley has been writing songs and poetry since the age of 14, and has several books accumulated with her words and thoughts. She is currently working with songwriting partner Shaley Scott on her debut album. She also recently completed filming College, a teen comedy set to hit theaters in 2008.

You can learn more about Haley by visiting her official MySpace page. Also be sure to check out the articles and interviews on this site.
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