Ship-to-air guided missiles


RAM - Rolling Airframe Missile

The RAM guided missile is a shipboard defence system against anti-ship missile attack. The RAM shipboard system consists of under-deck control units and the on-deck missile launcher which is equipped with 21 RAM missiles ready for firing and can be aligned in azimuth and elevation. In series production, Diehl BGT Defence manufactures and integrates the missile's complete guidance and control group as well as the launcher structure. RAM is the first missile produced in series with a dual-mode or bi-spectral seeker consisting of a passive radar and a passive IR section. With its imaging IR seeker, the latest version, RAM Block 1, can also engage anti-ship missiles without or with switched-off radar seeker. Furthermore, the new seeker can also engage aircraft, helicopters and small ships.



With the IDAS missile system, a submerged submarine can engage enemy anti-submarine warfare helicopters, small surface vessels and land targets near the coast with highest precision. The IDAS system comprises the missile, four of which are housed in a special launch canister in the torpedo tube, and the control console in the submarine's command and control center. Main missile components are the imaging IR seeker taken over from IRIS-T, a fiber-optic data link between the control console and the missile as well as a single-stage, solid-propellant rocket motor providing IDAS with a mission range of approx. 20km.

The operator on board the submarine may intervene in the course of the mission at any time. In addition, reconnaissance results and target images obtained by means of the seeker can be evaluated in the submarine. With IDAS, a modern, conventional submarine is provided with completely new capabilities (escalation), also enabling its use in new scenarios of asymmetric warfare. IDAS is a technology demonstration program financed by BWB and the industrial working group ARGE IDAS (HDW and Diehl BGT Defence: 40% each, Kongsberg: 20%). IDAS is planned to enter the development phase soon.


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