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Steve Richards: Whatever happens in Glasgow East, it's not going to be the end of Gordon Brown

A wild political year moves towards a gory climax. All eyes are on the Glasgow East by-election, which takes place at the end of this month. Never before has a contest in a single constituency had such an intoxicating advance billing. Parts of the mighty media and a few MPs predict that it could bring about the fall of a prime minister.

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Leading article: Do not play into the hands of the hardliners

The drumbeat for a new military confrontation in the Middle East is growing more insistent. Iranian state television yesterday screened images of the military test-firing of a Shahab-3 rocket, a missile reportedly capable of striking Israeli territory. This follows a "rehearsal" last month of a bombing run on Iranian nuclear enrichment facilities by Israeli fighter planes.

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Deborah Orr: Poverty has a cause we're not confronting

David Cameron has informed some of the laziest and poorest people in Britain that it was their own fault


Adrian Hamilton: West still isn't taking Iraqis into account

The time has come to declare victory and start withdrawal in Iraq


Janet Street-Porter: Sorry, Sir Stuart, but it's not 'our' M&S;

Sir Stuart Rose has staked his future on a firm belief that M&S occupies a special place in the nation's psyche

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