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Welcome to Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University Of Science and Technology
This university aims to create new frontiers of knowledge & develop excellent engineers who have learnt their skills in an environment of highly competent & skilled faculty. Engineers who will be known for their innovation, imagination, synthesizing & analytical competence, scientific intellect and who are committed to excellence.
Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, a lot of stress is laid on hands-on training and overall, development of the individual's personality. The teaching program has been devised keeping in view close interaction with the industry. The competence of the department is reflected in the growing demand for its fresh graduates. The department strongly believes that neither the industry, nor the academics alone have the resources to adequately deal with the quest for innovative excellence in this field of computers, for global competitiveness. Hence the Institute-Industry interaction program enables the students to interact constantly with the industries. Equal importance is given to the classroom learning, which is meant primarily for the theoretical or conceptual inputs of knowledge on a variety of projects.                                                   ......know more

Sir Chotu Ram

1881 - 1945

              Announcing the National Conference on "Emerging Trends in Engineering & Technology" 0n 26-27 May,2008 by ME Deptt.
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