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Radiohead made its debut at the Jericho's Tavern in their hometown, Oxford. In 1987. They named themselves On A Friday. The Manic Hedgehog Demo (named after an Oxford record shop) brought the band to another gig in the Jericho Tavern. In the meantime they've already been on the cover of "Curfew", a magazine based in Oxford. Things went fast. On A Friday were booked for gigs frequently. Various record labels got interested and finally EMI signed the band. The band’s debut release was an EP produced by them. The 4-track Drill EP came out in March 1992 with Prove Yourself as the lead track. It reached 101 in the UK singles chart. It was time to find new producers. Paul Q. Kolderie and Sean Slade, who produced Buffalo Tom's "Let me come over", were hired to produce the two songs for the next single, Inside My Head and Lurgee. Then came Creep. Legend has it that the band weren't unanimously keen on Creep. Jonny's famous guitar crunches were supposedly an attempt to ruin a song he didn't like. "Jonny played the piano at the en d of the song and it was gorgeous" notes Kolderie. "Everyone who heard Creep just started going insane." Pablo Honey was completed in three weeks. Creep was released to coincide in September 1992, while Pablo Honey was scheduled for the new year. My Iron Lung was released in 1994. The 8-track EP showed the transistion between "Pablo Honey" and the upcoming album "The Bends’. "The Bends" was released in 1995. Radiohead were back and were no longer the one-hit-wonder band, but it wouldn't be until the fifth single from the album, Street Spirit, 18 months later, that Radiohead would hit the top 10 again. OK Computer was released in June 1997. The album has received many awards including a Grammy for Best Alternative Album. The album was followed by their "Against Demons World Tour". An intensive touring schedule and rave reviews for 'OK Computer' and Radiohead's live shows had it's influence on the band. The fourth album, 'Kid A' was released on October 2nd 2000. The album was a big succes, although not promoted with any singles. Iblips with clips of the new songs were used to promote the album, mainly on the internet. 'Kid A' reached the number one position in the USA and received a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Album. The band returned to the studio and finished their 5th album in November 2000. The new album, entitled "Amnesiac", is due for release on June 4th 2001. "Amnesiac" includes tracks like 'Dollars and Cents', 'I Might Be Wrong' and 'You and Whose Army?'. The final track, 'Life in a Glass House', features jazz trumpeter and broadcaster Humphrey Lyttleton. "Pyramid Song" & "Knives Out" were released as singles, together with music videos. The band released an internet only video for 'I might be wrong' on their official site. 'Amnesiac' sells even more copies than 'Kid A'. The album release was followed by a sold out tour through Europe, North America and Japan. Highlight of the tour is a show in their hometown Oxford on July 7th 2001, where the band headlines it's own festival together with Sigur Ros, Beck and Supergrass. Radiohead begin recording the follow-up to 'Amnesiac' in April 2002. Colin Greenwood said in March 2002: "We're going to start work again in April. We're going to give it a bit more of a break than the last time. We're planning to play some shows in Europe in the summer and we'll take it from there." The album 'Hail to the thief', release date (June 9th 2003) and its tracklisting are announced on March 24th 2003. But, unfortunately for the band an early mix of the album leaks on the internet in full on March 30th. The unfinished recordings are all over the internet. Radio stations broadcast the new material as well.

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